WATCH: For Andrew Sullivan, Gay Marriage And Pot Legalization Basically The Same

Things got a bit heated on Real Time with Bill Maher, as they are often wont to do, when The Daily Beast‘s Andrew Sullivan equated the legalization of gay marriage with that of marijuana, raising the ire of MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp.

“I don’t think we should lump gay marriage and pot together,” Cupp said.  “I think that does gay marriage and the fight for gay marriage a little disservice.”

Cupp added, “You would never equate repealing prohibition with emancipation or suffrage. They are different things, and it really diminishes the fight that gay rights activists do to equate it with legalizing pot.”

Sullivan took particular offense to that last comment, accusing the Republican Party of “treating us as if we were pariahs and demons” and being “controlled by a religious organization not a political one.”

But Cupp was not having any of that. “The gay rights fight,” she continued, “is more important and on a different moral equivalency than legalizing pot. And you are going to ruin the message if you try to equate them. They are not the same.”

Meanwhile, the entire time poor James Carville is caught in the crossfire, when he clearly (judging from his shirt) got lost on his way to a United Colors of Benetton ad from 1988.

(h/t: Newbusters)