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  • Hyhybt

    Why did this disappear earlier?

  • Oh, ok

    Gotta love how black people are constantly singled out on this issue. Homophobia down, ra cism up.

  • B

    No. 2 · Oh, ok wrote, “Gotta love how black people are constantly singled out on this issue. Homophobia down, ra cism up.”

    How are black people being singled out in this article? Generally, people report unusual events and a sudden change over a two week period is unusual.

    One might surmise that the sudden increase in support for same-sex marriage among African Americans is due to a combination of the NAACP’s statement of support, and the statements from both Barak Obama and Colin Powell, both highly respected individuals whose statements may have swayed black voters from what they normally would hear from the peers and from various preachers (there is a higher-level of church attendence for blacks compared to the nation-wide average and more of these churches have a homophobic theology).

    When you look at this sort of polling data, keep in mind that most people aren’t all that interested in the issue and thus simply react to what they hear (which is why advertising works). Widely publicized statements from highly respected individuals can have a big impact, and that is probably what happened in this case.

    Based on that, my prediction is that subsequent polls among this demographic group will show a drop of support if nothing else is done – the drumbeat from the preachers, relayed through the people who pay attention to them, will drive the level of support in the latest polls down.

  • B

    I can’t read.

  • Hyhybt

    @B: Really now.

  • Hyhybt

    (“Really now.” directed at “B [Different person], not at the first B.)

  • Hyhybt

    @Hyhytb: Sad. The attitude is bad enough, but not being able to spell a name that’s right in front of you?

  • Hyyhbt

    Pay attention to me.

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