WATCH: Brides Of Christ Become Brides In Canadian “Heritage Minute”

There’s lots we love about Canada: free health care, a lower crime rate, and the tastiest maple syrup in the universe.

Our neighbors to the north also have national marriage equality, a fact touted in this video from Dominic Poliquin. It’s the latest installment in the Heritage Minute campaign, 60-second short films that illustrate an important moment in Canadian history.

Below is a gay-male version Poliquin did back in October 2011.


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  • MikeE

    Two corrections:

    1. Health Care is not “free” in Canada. We pay taxes for them.

    2. These are NOT Heritage Canada Minutes. They are parodies. Heritage Canada Minutes play on national television. These parodies do not.

  • mlbumiller


    Well Canadians pay less income taxes then Americans do, but we do not get our heath care included in those taxes. So, you really do get your health care for free in American eyes

  • Patrick

    Correction: Canada has the 3rd or 4th highest taxation rate and pay a lot more than
    our neighbours to the south

  • MikeE

    @mlbumiller: thanks for promoting the myth that you Americans are oooh so over-taxed. You guys are one of the lowest taxed western nations. stop living in a republican fantasy world.

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