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  • Belize

    I swear to God, pause the video and it looks like Newty Tooty is being dolled up by a Sim.

  • Spike

    Well if you want perfect hair, Calista certain appear qualified, never seen a hair outta place in the blonde helmet hairdo!

    As far as her qualifications to be First Lady, she’s screwed Newt, I guess that would be it.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Calista, be careful with that nit comb. You might pull his brain off.

  • MKisNE

    Awe his sugar daddy won’t pay for his hair and make-up people anymore :( lol

  • drewa24

    Calista looks liked she was dipped in polyurethane. And none of that helped. At all.

  • kawneekwa

    Calista got one donkey booty up in da house. Oh yessah!

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