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WATCH: Cate Blanchett declares “I am a lesbian!”

Well then! During an Instagram Live chat between actress Cate Blanchett and her Mrs. America co-star Sarah Paulson, Blanchett made a surprising declaration. Blanchett declared “I am a lesbian,” sending the internet into a frenzy.

The clip itself has already become a much-shared meme, both for Blanchett’s non-sequitur delivery and Paulson’s dumbstruck reaction. It’s not entirely clear why Blanchett uttered the phrase. Paulson had said something about CBD oils, and viewers speculate that Blanchett may have read something from the live viewer chat.

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“You’re a lesbian!?” Paulson replied in disbelief.

Fans also had a bit to say about the exchange.

“The way Sarah Paulson stops dead in her tracks when cate blanchett says she’s a lesbian i- this live just gave me the will to live,” tweeted user Rio.

“Cate Blanchett saying “I AM A LESBIAN” is the gift the gays needed in 2020,” Twitter user Michaela, princess of power, added.

We’re pretty sure Sarah Paulson–a proud lesbian herself–would have welcomed the news. Blanchett, of course, is not a lesbian in real life, at least as far as we know. She’s been married to writer Andrew Upton since 1997 and have four children together.

That said, Blanchett has played lesbians on screen before, notably in Todd Haynes’ Carol, for which she scored an Oscar nomination.