WATCH: Catholic Priest Comes Out As Gay, Reveals He’s Author Of Anonymous Book On The Church

Gary M. Meier, a St. Louis-based Roman Catholic priest, has come out as the author of an anonymously-written book about his secret life as a gay priest.

GaryMeierPublished anonymously in 2011, Hidden Voices: Reflections of a Gay, Catholic Priest Meier revealed he’s the author to promote the just-released second edition of the book. In a note published on his site he writes about the decision to reveal his identity, which he describes as difficult but necessary.

It has been difficult to remain part of a hierarchy that has been so hostile towards homosexuals in recent years. This is especially true considering nearly 30% of all successful teenage suicides are attributed to sexual identity issues. Our church once stood for and represented the radical nature of God’s love for all people. That is not the true today – especially towards the LGBT community and therefore I feel compelled to stand in solidarity with those Catholic’s who have lost their jobs, have been denied the sacraments, have been excommunicated or who have been made to feel ‘less than’ by their church leaders because of who they love.

Meier admits that he doesn’t know what the outcome of his revelation will be.

It is a huge leap of faith and to be perfectly honest with you, very frightening. I know that while many will celebrate and be grateful for this publication, others will be angry and upset and feel as if I am betraying the church. I have no such intention. I am just a man trying to live a life of integrity and speak the truth that God has given me to speak. I do not mean the church any harm and in fact I still love the church very much. I see my speaking out as an act of love toward a community which was born of God’s radical inclusivity. Somehow we have lost that in our church, I would like us to get that back.



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  • Kangol

    Good for him. He needs to get more of his colleagues in the church to come out and deal with their self-hate, homophobia, and heterosexism.

    The Catholic hierarchy and Church have done and continue to do tremendous damage to LGBTQ people, not only through their anti-gay doctrines and pronouncements that harm LGBTQ Catholics, but through the influence they have on our national and state laws, and on LGBTQ people across the globe.

  • ouragannyc

    I don’t know if they have that much influence in state and national affairs. The church barks a lot but I believe that when a people is ready for equality, laws reflect equality in that state/country.
    This being said, I agree they cause harm to LGBT, with their hyprocrite hatred (the Church loves gay people blah blah blah)while they’re firing them and asking government to treat them unfairly and equally.

  • LubbockGayMale

    If he is kicked removed from the priesthood, but still remained celibate during his tenure, how is he different from so-called ‘straight’ priests??? Impure thoughts, or dirty dreams, are matters for the confessional and atonement, not ouster.

  • Ogre Magi

    Any gay man that would willingly be part of that organization is scum

  • nature boy

    uggh… good for this guy making a public statement about it …. back home I hardly could point to a Catholic priest who WASN’T secretly gay or deeply closeted or deeply in denial or all three…. but I also know several openly gay men who still attend the Catholic Church and give their time and money to it…. I can’t understand that…. and I agree with this guy, I do not see how open and honest gays can give their time and/or talents to aid an organization that repeatedly and openly despises them. There are several Christian denominations now who welcome open and honest gays to their congregations and as clergy…. see for example.

    The Catholic church will get there eventually… sad that they can’t just “cut to the chase” now and do what’s right. It would prevent a lot of pain and suffering the sooner they can accept and even champion equality for the LGBT. Jesus would have welcomed us to his church, shame on the Catholics for not understanding that.

  • Dinodogstar

    shock of the world. gay AND a preiest..everyone knows the sensitive boy in Catholic school who can’t throw a baseball, is the one destined for the priesthood… But as a gay guy in Saint Louis, MO, I am all about hoping Gary will uncover some dirt about Former St. Louisian Cardinal Tim Dolan, not exactly a friend of the lgbt community …sorry to be so base; others will make sharp, succinct, witty comments about the Church and it’s policies.. I just want some dirt..please do tell…

  • Joetx

    If every gay priest came out at once, the Big Gay Lie in the Catholic Church would come crumbling down.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Joetx, Thanks for the stunning visual.

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