WATCH: Could Prop. 8 Come Back From the Dead In New Mexico?

We’re still basking in the glow of victory, following the sudden marriage equality wins in Utah and New Mexico.

But maybe we shouldn’t be celebrating — our opponents aren’t out of tricks yet.

In New Mexico, they’re talking about a constitutional amendment to take away marriage. That’s right, it’s Proposition 8 all over again: one minute we have it, the next minute we don’t. Could they be successful? Sure. Polling data in NM are limited, but indicate that public opinion may be close to where it was in California in 2008. Of course, the legal landscape is vastly different now. And even though NM is in the 10th circuit, instead of the 9th, the overturning of Prop. 8 looms over our opponents’ work.

And in Utah, the state is scrambling to respond to our amazing victory. For some crazy reason, they didn’t request a stay on the marriages until after they started, so now they’re running to every court they can find to try to stop the weddings. So far they’ve been unsuccessful, but they could still find a receptive ear.

But there’s plenty of good news this week as well: progress in Ohio, Oregon, Florida and Arkansas. We’re not out of the woods yet, but we’re getting closer with every step.