WATCH: Cringe As This Soldier Dumbfounds His Mom By Coming Out

You may remember the gay soldier who came out to his dad on YouTube the day that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell got repealed. One hour after chatting with his dad, he decided to come out to his more conservative mom… and it didn’t go quite as well as it did with his papa.

Mom sounds like a rough and tumble gal—she answers the phone “Hey boy!” and when her son asks if she loves him, she responds, “What kinda question is that?” He has to repeat that he’s gay three times until she understands and once it sinks it she asks, “Well, when did this come about?” The news actually surprises and shocks her into silence—providing the long uncomfortable silences that only a mother can make.

You can tell she’s not comfortable with the news as she asks him “How do you know?” and “Do you know what it says in the bible about that?” But it’s important to realize that parents aren’t always ready to take up a rainbow flag and start marching alongside their kids in a Pride parade once they realize their kid is gay. Sometimes they need a while to adjust to the new image of their child, reconsider their child’s upbringing from a gay point of view, and figure out whether a wife and grandkids are still in the cards.