WATCH: Daniel Tosh Mouth-Rapes A Fudgsicle

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On the Season 5 premiere of Tosh.0, host Daniel Tosh was entranced by the sight of a teen using a Black & Decker drill to speed-eat corn (like you do). To one up the guy, he uses a drill to power-suck a Fudgsicle. C’mon, Daniel, when are you gonna just break down and do gay porn?

Oh wait.

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  • mogster11

    Hey Dan, you know how drills work, right? That is not a drill, that is in fact a
    saw. As your are the writer of this article, I’ll leave it as an exercise to you
    to find out what kind of saw it is.

    Also, that bit at the end where he drools a little bit?

    …that’s nice.

  • Meowzer


    I think it’s a jig saw.
    And Tosh, I think the jig is up… please come out already.
    Unfortunately, I think it’s just a game he’s playing.

  • threedownandlocked

    When a fratboy rapes another student, it’s “forces to have sex.” That way we can save the word “rape” for Daniel Tosh making a spectacle of himself.

    Okay. Got it.

  • Rockery

    I love Tosh. He is not gay, although I wish he was.

    By the description I wish I could see the video but its not available “from my location” which is BULLSHIT

  • mogster11

    @Meowzer: Dammit, I was hoping the author would try to figure it out himself. And maybe learn a little something about how, as a writer, being correct is important.

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