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WATCH: Eliminated ‘American Idol’ contestant returns in drag and slays the house down

When  19-year-old Adam Sanders auditioned for American Idol back in 2013, the experience took a serious toll on him. Five years later, Sanders has auditioned again, but this time as his drag alter ego, Ada Vox.

And what a difference those five years have made.

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Ada brings her confidence, her TV-ready story of personal growth, and most importantly, her serious pipes into the audition room. And she nails it.

In a segment preceding the audition, Sanders talks candidly about making it to the top 50 in 2013. After being eliminated he was met with a barrage of personal attacks from strangers online, who went after his weight and his talent, ultimately chipping away at his self-worth.

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“It killed me inside,” he says. “It killed me almost as much as the people who were telling me that I should kill myself.”

“Through all of the negativity, I have managed to build myself up as a new person, as a stronger person,” he continues. “I have recreated myself in ways I could not have imagined.”

Watch below:

Afterward, judge Lionel Ritchie told Vox:

“We’ve had a lot of artists come on here, talented, but a bit confused. What you are giving us is a clear understanding of who you are, coming in with an amazing amount of talent.”

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