WATCH: Expedia Launches “Find Your Understanding” Gay Marriage Ad

Underscoring its support for marriage equality, the travel portal Expedia has produced a touching video spotlighting a real-life dad’s evolution about his daughter’s same-sex wedding.

In the video, Artie Goldstein openly discusses his ambivalence about daughter Jill’s same-sex ceremony: “My expectations of what Jill’s life was going to be included a husband,” he says. “So when Nikki came to ask permission to marry our little girl, that startled me. I told her, ‘This is not the dream I had for my daughter.’ I didn’t say yes, I didn’t say no.'”

But, as Goldstein admits, “Once we got out to California, and saw how happy they were… all that trepidation just seemed to go away.” In an email to Huffington Post, Jill Weiss-Goldstein said she is “extremely proud” of her father and his personal journey to understanding.

“Artie’s story is the idea that travel is deeply personal,” explains Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi of the segment, part of the company’s larger ongoing “Find Yours” campaign. “We’ve built our entire brand behind that idea. The trip to his daughter’s wedding changed his perspective on fatherhood, his daughter’s happiness and her same-sex marriage.”