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What to Watch: Full-frontal ‘Jackass,’ drag for Democracy and a gay Oscar contender


Whatever your entertainment needs, we got your back (and hopefully your mind) with Queerty’s weekly “Culture Club” column with some of the highlights of new releases, streaming shows, classics worth revisiting, and what to drink while you watch.

The Schadenfreude: Jackass Forever

Sir Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Danger Ehren, Wee Man and the Jackass crew return for this fourth cinematic outing in the we can’t believe they’re still at it franchise. As with all things Jackass, Knoxville & co. find no shortage of creative ways to inflict pain on themselves, or to engage in very homoerotic situations. Oh, and this latest installment also features a lot of full-frontal male nudity as the guys casually “adjust” one another.

With the original gang pushing 50, and given their copious cybernetic enhancements due to injury over the years, this new movie also introduces a “next-generation” cast, mentored by the OG. And, in a delightful twist, the newbies diversify the ranks. That includes Zach Holmes, a full-figured man with a pride flag penis tattoo, and ink on his back that reads “I love fat d*ck.” We don’t know if that means he’s queer…but it makes for a pretty good case. Holmes also takes part in our favorite stunt in the film, a beanbag prank involving an elderly Knoxville and a furniture store. Tyler the Creator and Machine Gun Kelly also cameo.

We feel a little guilty recommending the Jackass series to our readers for its mix of bromoeroticism and squirmy humor…but just a little. For better or worse, movies rarely get this visceral.

In theatres February 4.

The Catch: Oscar Nominations 2022

Awards season has arrived once again, and thank goodness movies in 2021 were much more fun and better crafted than the year before. That should make this year’s Oscar race much more interesting than last year’s snoozefest, the highlight of which involved Glenn Close doing “Da Butt.” So, will this year finally be Will Smith’s big year? Could Frances McDormand win again? Will Spidey show up alongside Timothée Chalemet’s giant worm? Let the speculation begin with the nominations, coming this February 8.

Streams live at 5am PST on February 8.

The Quickie: Coded

Speaking of Oscars, the wonderful Ryan White enters the Best Live Action Short race with this nibble, the story of gay artist J.C. Leyendecker. In the 1920s, Leyendecker’s drawings of perfect male bodies (albeit clothed bodies) made him into an international sensation, especially as he began drawing cover art for The Saturday Evening Post. The short also dives into Leyendecker’s longtime relationship with boyfriend/model Charles Beach. White tells the story through narration provided by Neil Patrick Harris, and through the eyes of trailblazing trans model Jari Jones, who talks about the importance of queer iconography in pop culture, even on a subliminal level. It’s a fascinating glance at LGBTQ history, and a loving tribute to a near-forgotten artist.

Streams on Paramount+.

The Jam: Trixie Mattel “This Town”

Drag star cum-recording artist Trixie Mattel drops her latest single this week, possibly her most mature and introspective to date. Far from a glamorous drag video, “This Town” features archival footage of Trixe as a young boy, then just known as Brian Firkus. The gentle folk strains of the song evoke a sense of tenderness and nostalgia, as Mattel reflects on growing up gay in the rural city of Wausaukee, Wisconsin. We get the sense that Mattel has a great deal of affection for his modest beginnings, even if he has since transcended them, and even if he had a troubled upbringing. And yes, it still feels like home.

Streams on YouTube.

The Drag: America Needs a Queen

Still terrified at the prospect of Republican control? That just means you have a pulse.

For anyone caught up in the anxiety of it all, don’t worry: drag queens are coming to save the day. America Needs a Queen sees the combined forces of Detox, Alaska, Milk and a host of other queens competing in a series of sporting and performance events to raise money for progressive causes, candidates and to register new voters. We’ve never seen a political rally quite like this one before, and we have a feeling you haven’t, either. Help protect democracy and all our futures by joining in the glitz and hilarity.

Streams February 3 at 8pm PST on Zoom & Twitch. Tickets available online.

The Sip: Moscow Mule

via Shutterstock

Given Russia’s incursion into Ukraine and the debut of a fourth Jackass film, how could we recommend anything else? Flavorful, trendy and potent, it’s exactly the kind of drink we need given current events…or the sight of the Jackass kids using a pogo stick on each other’s testicles.

Pour ingredients into a copper mug over ice. Stir well, add lime wedge for garnish.

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