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If Johnny Knoxville Can Get Gay Bears To Enjoy Jackass 3-D, America Will Love It Too

What better place to screen the new film Jackass 3-D than The Eagle, the Los Angeles leather bar? Especially when both stars Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O are completely aware their new film is pretty much the first gay porn in 3-D.

“We’re a gay pride parade that’s happening! And in 3-D!,” says Knoxville. “We’re not suppressing anything! We’re over here sitting on dicks!,” adds Steve-O. “That cute one gave my a blowjob through the glory hole,” says one Eagle patron (not really).

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  • Jack

    Dear lord, Johnny’s hot… :D

  • slobone

    No audio?

  • greenmanTN

    I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I think Johnny Knoxville is hot too. He was on The Daily Show this Monday and the little dance he does in a pink sweater (right before he gets run over by a stampede of bulls!) was the funniest thing since Pee-Wee Herman busted moves to “Tequila.” I can’t stand to watch Jackass though because I get embarrassed FOR them!

  • jason

    I just think it’s sad that gay men would descend to the sleaze culture of bears. Bears are vile, filthy pigs. Their culture is built on appearance fascism and sex.

    Bears are like Nazis who’ll only make out with other Nazis. You could be the best looking man in the bar and they’ll walk straight past you to a fellow fat guy with a rear the size of a septic tank.

    I truly despair at the descent of the gay scene. It’s become comparable to the worst aspects of the straight scene.

  • weirdleisure

    Wow, Jason, you’re worse than the straight homophobes that vilify the gay community. Perhaps if you pull your head out of your ass, you’ll get a nice boy to fuck you. Good luck.

  • jason


    I call a spade a spade.

    I am sick and tired of fetishists who spend their lives living in a fantasy world. It’s not what gay rights should be about.

  • alan brickman

    Johnny gets it….good for him…man sex is ok..

  • Mark

    @jason: Ignorant much?

  • weirdleisure

    To suggest that all gays must somehow conform to some standard of “normal” in order to gain civil rights is ignorant at best and homophobic at worst. To do so would be asking our LGBT brothers and sisters (I assume you have trouble with big-breasted leather dykes on bikes and drag queens as well, among others) to go back in the closet in order to be accepted by society. Sorry, it ain’t going to happen. To insist that others who don’t meet your standards as “normal” are keeping us from gaining civil rights is, well, reprehensible.

    And, honestly, when did the Bears become the de facto leaders in our civil rights struggle? These big, burly fellows just want to enjoy the company of other big, burly fellows (and – surprise! – many of them are politically active and are working for equality – but not necessarily while shirtless and in ass-less chaps). If you want to help fight for our civil rights, perhaps you should quit trolling the bear bars and start volunteering at a local LGBT community center.

    Quick LGBT history lesson: Did you know that drag queens were the first to fight back against police brutality at the Stonewall Inn in 1969? The modern gay rights movement was started by those who were viewed as not “normal” – even to those within their own community.

    One last thing: You really ought to think before you start comparing the bears (or anyone, really) to Nazis. The Nazis not only murdered millions of Jews, gypsies and others deemed not “normal” (sound familiar?), but they killed thousands of homosexuals as well. Tossing comparisons like that around only make you sound like a blathering, unintelligent extremist. Really, pull your head out. The air is better out here.

  • Ogre Magi

    The video is gone now! Can someone repost it!

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    @jason: It’s not the Bears, it’s your attitude.

  • marylander

    I don’t really see how bears are fetishists. If someone who likes big hairy men is a fetishist, then I’m a fetishist for smooth muscular blonds.
    And really… NAZIs? Don’t throw them around like they were some trivial irrelevant movement.

  • Sexy Rexy

    Jason, if someone wanted to, they could probably look at YOUR preferences and say that there is an element of fetishism in them too. I betcha.

  • Rob

    @ Jason, did some lovely big furry muscle bear ignore you in a bar the other night? Were your drunken advances turned down? Did you feel like a silly old sloppy lush?
    Is this what your little misguided and bigoted rant was really all about?

    “You could be the best looking man in the bar and they’ll walk straight past you to a fellow fat guy with a rear the size of a septic tank”
    What do you care if some bear chooses to go after someone he’s attracted to and who are you to say what’s good looking and what’s not!
    Obviously you’re a self-hating homophobe who should really pick up a book or two about gay rights and the Nazis and educate yourself, go on and put down that copy of “Mein Kampf”

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