WATCH: Gay Webseries “Hunting Season” Producers Plan Even Sexier Second Season

If you’ve been prowling the web — or Logo — for more episodes of the racy Hunting Season web series that debuted last fall, we have some good news. Season two is in the works, and the makers have launched a $150,000 Kickstarter campaign with a Friday, December 6 deadline.

“Season one was in many ways a ‘pilot’ season,” says writer/director/executive producer Jon Marcus, who financed it out of his own pocket. “We just managed to introduce the world and the characters in the broadest sense, and the thing that I am most excited about in Season 2 is to be able to really go deeper — into this world and into these characters’ lives.”

Based on the blog “The Great Big Cock Hunt,” and novel of the same name, Hunting Season brings to life the sexual exploits of Alex, a slutty Gawker contributor. Season two, while still chronicling Alex’s exploits — which included “a penis every episode” in its uncensored non-Logo version — will also shift focus to other characters and their sexual/romantic travails.

“At least one key relationship will implode,” he adds, “and  Tommy, who was always the alpha, will have a major crisis.”

As with most Kickstarter campaigns, there are rewards for contributors, ranging from production updates to dinners with the makers to onscreen production credits. In keeping with Hunting Season‘s sluttiness sauciness, was anything more racy and penis-inclusive considered?

“It was really hard thinking up all of the Kickstarter rewards,” Marcus admits. “You know, when you’re looking for a lot of money, and you’ve got sexy gay boys who like to take their clothes off on screen, you’re naturally going to come up against the question of what are the limits of what you are willing to do and for how much? We had some brainstorming sessions, and I think we all had the same thought cross our minds, but nobody ever said it out loud, and besides, the indecent proposals the cast gets all the time on twitter seem to all be from hot boys with no money.”