WATCH: Is Hockey Overtaking Baseball As The Most Gay-Friendly Pro Sport In The Nation?

It’s been mostly baseball teams that have been making It Gets Better ads—the San Francisco Giants broke the mold last June, and since then a few more baseball teams have filmed their versions.

While Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos are a little bit behind the curve, the NHL is quickly making strides to catch up to the MLB in terms of a pro-gay attitude.

The ad spot above, produced by Philadelphia Flyers scout Patrick Burke and brought to our attention by OutSports, premiered last night during the New York Rangers-Boston Bruins game.

Patrick is the brother of Brendan Burke, an openly gay men’s manager for Ohio’s Miami University hockey team. Brendan passed away tragically in a February 2010 car crash.

So, kudos to you, Patrick, and kudos to the players who were brave enough to appear in your video (among them, hunkalicious New York Ranger Henrik Lundqvist (right) and Philadelphia Flyer Claude Giroux).

We’d like to add that, while we don’t want to make light of this very appreciated effort, we do have to say the line, “if you can shoot, you can shoot” made us chuckle a little bit.