Viral video shows gay magician being attacked by passenger during show

Magician and illusionist Ben Murphy
Magician and illusionist Ben Murphy (Photo: MisterPublicity)

A cruise ship magician has criticized the company he works for after he suffered an attack on stage. He says a man jumped him for getting too close to his female partner. This is despite the fact the magician is gay and mentions it in his act.

Ben Murphy is an experienced entertainer. He was performing on the Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas cruise when the incident happened. He’d asked a woman from the audience up onto the stage to take part in a trick.

As part of the routine, they both hold cards between their lips. They then lean in close to touch the cards. It was at this point that the woman’s male companion—it’s not known if they’re married or not—jumped on stage and knocked Murphy over.

You can watch it below.

@thebenmurphy_ My assault onboard. Entertainment, comedy, and magic are NOT contact sports. This guest should not have been allowed to enjoy the rest of his cruise. #assault #magician #magic #comedianattacked #violence #cruiseship #cruise #magic #comedian #comedy #domesticviolence #insecure #toxicmasculinity #justice ♬ original sound – The Ben Murphy

“So violent and so unnecessary”

Murphy spoke to the Australian news show, A Current Affair, yesterday about what happened. He said the assault had left him with a bruised arm and he still experienced some psychological trauma over it.

The reaction of the cruise operator also left him unimpressed. He suggests it’s not done enough to rectify the situation. He says he complained straight away to staff backstage. However, the male passenger was allowed to enjoy the rest of the cruise.

“I just remember this really angry-looking face just dive out of the audience and jump on top of me,” Murphy recalled. “My legs got slammed against the back of the stage and then I fell backwards and this angry face was just on top of me.”

“It’s just so sudden and so violent and so unnecessary. It’s a comedy magic show with a guy in a sequined jacket who’s just openly talked about being gay.”

The man involved departed the theatre to a chorus of boos. His female companion looked visibly upset at him jumping on stage.

Murphy says the cruise operator said it took no action as there were no witnesses. The magician says this is a lame excuse.

“I found this really bizarre that there’s no witnesses,” Murphy said.

“How I can be sat on stage and attacked in the middle of a show and there be no witnesses. It is just, it’s rubbish, it’s offensive. It’s negligent.”

On leaving the ship, Murphy reported what happened to Queensland Police.

Royal Caribbean says it’s investigating

Royal Caribbean issued a statement yesterday saying: “At Royal Caribbean International the safety of our crew and guests is our number one priority.”

“We are aware of the incident that took place aboard Quantum of the Seas. Our investigation into this incident is ongoing and as such, we are unable to provide further comment.”

Video of the footage, captured by several passengers, quickly went viral online.