WATCH: Lady Gaga And Christina Aguilera Duet In Disco Diva Fashion On “The Voice”

[HD] Christina Aguilera & Lady Gaga – Do What U Want Live at The Voice Finale (Legendary Performance) from Christina Aguilera Fanatic on Vimeo.

Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera – Do What U Want (Voice Performance Studio Dub) from Digital Method on Vimeo.

With Beyonce’s secret album release this past Friday, divas are in a scramble to step their games up. Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera buried the hatchet — and not even in each other’s backs — during the season finale of The Voice, joining musical forces for Gaga’s “Do What U Want” while dressed in some glammed up disco attire.

Xtina and Gags growled and belted their way through the song and you could tell the two were really into it — and maybe into each other with all the touching that was going on. They cheers at the end and link arms to down their champagne, just before smashing their glasses on the floor. Flawless.

Long considered rivals, Gaga put any beef out to pasture back in September, gushing to Andy Cohen about her love for the genie in the bottle on Watch What Happens Live. Then when asked to perform on The Voice finale, the Lady said she would on the condition that Christina sing with her.

“This is the first time we’ve ever met, and I have to say when I heard she wanted to collaborate I said, ‘Of course! Lady Gaga!,’” Aguilera told host Carson Daley. “I’ve been waiting to meet her and she’s such an innovative artist and risk taker.”

“And I have to say, she’s like the most down to earth, real person that I’ve ever met in this business,” Xtina added. “And female to female in this industry its really hard to find that kind of a person so I love you, girl and you deserve everything that you’ve earned.”

So we can all thank Beyoncé for bringing her fellow divas together — after she basically told them all to go home. Yoncé’s the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.

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  • jimbryant

    Both Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera are anti-gay in my view. They have exploited a homophobic double standard in the music industry which says it’s OK and acceptable for a woman to claim to be bisexual but not a man.

    Remember, for instance, how Christina has claimed that she’s into women? Remember how she kissed Madonna at the MTV Music Awards in 2003? Both appear to have been stunts designed to titillate straight guys. Same for Lady Gaga.

    The real challenge for us gay guys is to be able to see through these repulsive women. They are NOT on our side. They CLAIM to support gay men’s rights but what they are really doing is appealing to straight guys by using us gay guys as a cover.

    Thumbs down to both Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera.

  • queertyreader

    I totally agree with jimbyrant, I also think that Lady Gaga is a hypocrite. I can’t say so much about Christina Aguilera but Gaga has exploited the gay community and she never really means what she says, or at least her actions do not reflect the things she says. She has her BORN THIS WAY foundation which is against bullying but then she still ridicules other people and makes fun of them (e.g. people who were concerned when she wore fur and, no, I’m not only talking about PETA but many of her fans were concerned as well). She issued a statement which was full of ridicule, irony and mockery. And I thought her BORN THIS WAY foundation was exactly against this?
    In my mind, she has jumped onto the bandwagon, has realized that the gay community is very loyal and needs a new spokesperson after they had been disappointed by so called “gay icons” such as Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, Diana Ross and Taylor Dayne who turned their backs on the community and even said they said gays should not have the same rights as heterosexual people. Gaga realized that and seized the chance. I fell for her too in the beginning but now have realized that she is simply a hypocrite – and according to her recent record sales many other gay people have already realized this too.

  • ahaharryaha

    …i’m having flashbacks to barbra steisand/donna summer…

  • Tyler100


    Blahblahblah I hate women blahblahblah I hate celebrities blahblahblah women are homophobic blahblahblah celebrities are fake blahblahblah I’m JimBryant.

    It’s the same predictable rant everyday.

  • Niall

    They were never “feuding”, the media just decided to make that up and since neither commented on it till Gaga did, it seems you all just decided to run with it.

  • sfbeast

    That song was terrible. Don’t really care about the hyped personalities.

  • Richard

    @Tyler100 that shit made me laugh.

  • jimbryant

    The music industry has promoted the same-sex double standard for years – ever since Madonna. If a popular male singer produced a Madonna-like “SEX” book with lots of male-male action, he would get called “gay and controversial”. When Madonna put lots of female-female action in her SEX book 20 years ago, they were calling her “cool”.

    If a male singer sang I Kissed A Guy, he would never hit no. 1 in the way that Katy Perry hit no. 1 with I Kissed A Girl. He would be laughed at and called “gay”. Katy Perry, on the other hand, got called “cool”.

    This homophobic double standard is the fault of liberals and women in particular. The aim of liberalism is to make bisexuality socially acceptable for women but not for men. It’s part of a broad superiority card being played by women over men, including gay and bisexual men.

    It’s a very similar aim to what you see in most porn movies that contain both men and women – ie the women are always allowed to make out with each other but the men must remain strictly straight.

    We need to stop buying anything from the musical divas. Not one thing. They are at the forefront of the war against male-male sexuality. Do not furnish the bank accounts of any woman who benefits financially from the bisexual double standard in the music industry.

  • NoelG

    @jimbryant: You are so bizarre and weird but as long as you get the attention you desire, it’s all good.

  • jimbryant


    What’s so bizarre about the truth?

  • Anna D. Croom

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  • iMort

    I think they sound great. What is the point in holding singers (or anyone) to such ridiculously high standards? It seems sad that negative knee-jerk reactions could make anyone so difficult to be entertained. What is the point of seeing the world through “poop colored glasses”?

  • Matt G

    They both looked good, sounded pretty decent (never realized how similar they are vocally), really got into it, and most of all actually looked like they liked each other and were having fun!

    Since all these singing competition shows are just a poor man’s variety show (Lawrence Welk’s, Judy Garland’s, etc), we fans of that type of entertainment have to take it where we can get it.

    and yes, haters gonna hate (we know who they are). If someone’s not bitching about you you’re not making an impact

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