WATCH: Michele Bachmann Encourages Warfare Against Same-Sex Marriage

Weeks before her home state Minnesota legalized marriage equality, Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) warned against the dangers of same-sex marriage unless all the good Christians embark on a “spiritual warfare” to fight this rampant evil.

While speaking at the Liberty Council’s Awakening 2013 in April (video courtesy of Right Wing Watch), Bachmann hit all of her usual talking points.

“You see if we retreat from our values and fail to make the case on issues like marriage – because it is one man, one woman – because God said it is,” she proclaimed from the stage. “Not because it’s poll tested – because God said it is.” Well, if He says so…

While neither Bachmann nor hubby Marcus has yet to comment publicly on the Minnesota Senate approving the marriage equality bill, she did send a tweet patting herself on the back for dubious past achievements.


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  • ouragannyc

    Amen Sistah!

  • stangmatt66

    Hey I know! Let’s stop giving this nut job media attention and she will disappear. We already know she has nothing constructive or educated to say, so why pay her any attention?

  • marc sfe

    Ah, so calling for a xtian jihad. Gotcha.

  • 2eo

    @marc sfe: She isn’t brown enough to be arrested in America, despite being invoking the use of literally the same tactics jihadists employ.

  • mcflyer54

    Note to Michele Bachmann – I prayed for marriage equality in Minnesota and God answered my prayer. Guess that shows whose side He is on.

  • Charli Girl

    Until I see a little more cleavage Ms,Thang,all I’m hearing is blah blah blah

  • technicolornina

    The ultimate hilarity would be if, next week, Marcus Bachmann came out of the closet and announced he was divorcing the crazy old bat on grounds of mental cruelty so he could marry the long-term male partner she never knew he had.


    @stangmatt66: It’s actually good that she stays in the media, and here’s why: an uninformed voter will vote one of two ways: Party that appeals most (e.g. “I dunno who this Joe Smith is, but he’s a Democrat, so . . . “) or incumbent (“Huh, I don’t know this name but if she’s an incumbent I guess she’s been doing the job”). Constantly being reminded of what a crazy, nasty louse she is will make people remember her name and NOT vote for her. Remember when her cohort Ann Coulter said that if she’d ever had a son who came out to her as gay, she’d tell him he was adopted? The number of people that week standing up for adopted kids (and make no mistake–adopted kids don’t have it easy, there are a few in my family and I went to school with two of ’em and all of them have emotional, and sometimes physical, scars) SKYROCKETED, and so did the number of *even conservative people* saying “gay or straight or adopted or born-in or any combination of the above, every child deserves a loving home”. That’s important. That’s progress. We may not like how it has to come, but as long as the troglodytes keep coming (like George what’s-his-face, the governor, who stood on the steps of Ole Miss and said he would not allow any black students–although that’s definitely not what he called them–to enter after federal desegregation happened), we need to KEEP SHOWING how ugly their actions are, KEEP REMINDING how they hide behind cowardly words like “family research” and “traditional marriage” (soooo, Michele, did Marcus give your daddy two cows for you? You untraditional harlot, you picked your own husband who’s now subject to being stoned to death for stealing you–TRADITIONALLY) when in fact they are against family and love, KEEP TALKING about the many people this impacts.

    It’s important. It’s progress. And I hope she fades from the news fast once she’s finally out of power, but until then–keep the headlines a’comin.

  • mcflyer54

    @Charli Girl: Hubby Marcus picks out all her clothes and there is no reason why he’d be interested in cleavage.

  • macmantoo

    @technicolornina: I believe you need to take a history lesson or two. It was George Wallace at Alabama not Ole Miss.

    I keep waiting for Marcus to announce his divorce and marries a real man.

  • Deepdow

    She and Sarah Palin remind me of Miranda Richardson’s character from Southland Tales (an underrated film).

  • Musk

    I’ll bet you a shiny new nickel that within a minute of saying whatever she said, that she had absolutely no idea what it was she had just said.

  • Musk

    @macmantoo: LOL

  • technicolornina

    @macmantoo: I did take a history lesson. It just happened to be about ten years ago, in high school, when I wrote a paper on desegregation. Please do forgive me for not having a 100% perfect photographic memory. SMH . . . most kids my age didn’t even learn about the uglier parts of desegregation and here you are bitching because I mixed up two colleges, even though the important part of the information was correct . . .

    I guess it’s true some people just need something to put others down with. Instead of, you know, politely saying “psst, it was Alabama” instead of going “go take a history lesson.” Lots of class right there.

  • JayHobeSound

    One has to wonder if “spiritual warfare” contributes to the high rate of LGBT teen suicides in the Anoka-Hennepin School District located within Bachmann’s congressional district?

  • MarcP

    Bachmann looks more like Shirley Phelps-Roper every time I see her. I think many women who are so anti-gay marriage are afraid they might lose their own husbands to it.

  • Harley

    @technicolornina: Not to buck your “traditional marriage” quote but Marcus would have RECEIVED two cows to marry Michelle. Giving him three cows total. Not sure if that would be enough to force me to give up dick.

  • Atomicrob

    Do we really need to hear what Michele Bachmann thinks here? Lets ave a MB moratorium. For say, 1 week, OK? Geeeeze!

  • Caleb in SC

    This hypocrite needs to go away. Despite giving lip service to the 10th Amendment and state’s rights, she favors a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages in those states that currently have it — a position that is the very antithesis of what a democracy is.

  • Badger88

    I’d like to know where Bachmann learned that God defined marriage as between one man and one woman. Because it certainly isn’t in the Bible, which endorses polygamous marriages as well as monogamous ones.

  • hephaestion

    She’s “married” to the flamingest gay man on earth and she wants to declare war on gay marriage. If she’s so much against gay marriage, she shouldn’t have married one.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I’d hate to be her dentist…all those rows of teeth.

  • clif9819

    Michelle Bachman is sad. She will lose her husband as well as her husbands business unless she can prove that glbt are bad. Trying to make your life better by harming others is sad.

    Even her take on faith is wrong. The focus of Christianity is totally opposite from her sad “war”.

  • technicolornina

    @Harley: Not quite. It depends on your locale and also, to an extent, your time period–there are conversations in the Bible about selling one’s daughters into marriage. If you had to pay the cows, you’d be “buying” your daughter into marriage, not selling her.


    Just another Republican nutjob!

  • alexoloughlin

    She said she’ll leave Minnesota if it passes marriage equality. So Michele, when are you packing your bags and where are you going? I’ll gladly pay for you to fly first class on any plane heading south.

  • technicolornina

    @alexoloughlin: And I will chip in to send her to a country that would appreciate her views. I hear Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could use another wife.

  • queerty1958

    In the Bible it says…

    Deuteronomy 18:20-22: “But if any prophet dares to speak a message in my name when I did not command him to do so, he must die for it, and so must any prophet who speaks in the name of other gods.”

    Since Michele Bachmann is speaking for God, she should die for it. Right?!?

  • technicolornina

    @queerty1958: She’d probably swear he DID command her, though. Cray.

  • Kangol

    She is so full of hate, and yet Minnesotans keep electing this rancid wretch over and over and over. Why?

  • tdx3fan

    Michelle needs to realize that she was elected to uphold the constitution not the Bible. Her office has absolutely nothing to do with God. We really should have a set of standards that federal officials have to abide by. Also, if she wants to start a war, then the fact that we out number them and have the military and police on our side says that she should!

  • tdx3fan

    Oh, and Michelle, if you do not like gay marriage then do not marry someone gay!!!

  • tdx3fan

    @Kangol: It was by a very narrow margin this time around, and times are changing. Time will tell if she can survive this next election. My guess is that her area is very conservative, and that no candidate has ran against her that can truly beat her.

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