WATCH: New Maine Marriage Ad Sure Looks Familiar

Now let’s be clear: we love Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), we love Equality Maine, we love the ACLU, Freedom to Marry and Engage Maine (even though we’re not exactly sure what that last group is, but it sounds nice).

We think they’re all great folks, doing very important work.

But that having been said: how, exactly, is their new ad for marriage equality any different from the dozen or so ads that have come before in every previous losing campaign?

The coalition pushing Maine’s marriage equality vote this November sent out an email blast asking if the new “Garder Family” spot might be “the best marriage ad ever.” And while it’s not necessarily bad, we’re just not sure how it’s any different.

Remember the Thorons talking about Prop 8 in 2008?

And the “All Families” ad in Maine in 2009?

And then there was Amendment One in NC just a few months ago:

Okay, so we’re really good at taping interviews with lovely, friendly, rational people who make some very sensible arguments about why equality is so important.

How’s that working out for us?