WATCH: Ryan Kwanten Has Gay Shaving Fantasy On “True Blood”

Dreams do come true. Bon Temps’ resident cock-of-the-walk Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) had yet another gay fever dream. Sunday’s episode of the HBO hit True Blood featured a steamy, hot dream sequence between Jason and a male faerie (what a handsome species!) named Ben.

Shirtless in his dream (as he usually is in ours, as well), Jason is shaving and shown next to Ben, who is also shirtless. Ben asks him for a shave and the two exchange some deliciously homoerotic dialogue.

“Taste it?” OK!

Jason then wakes up from his dream, startled, and finds a surprise down south.

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  • MikeE

    My hubby and I are only just starting season 3 of True Blood (watching on DVD since it seems to be rather irregularly scheduled on the station that carries it where we live – not HBO).

    I USED to think Jason was hot.. but as time goes on, his… how to say, how to say… his intellectual weakness (?) is getting on my last nerve. The cheese keeps falling off the cracker. The Happy Meal is short a few fries. The batteries are running low. The motherboard ain’t running on all of its processors.

    I’d fu** him in an instant. I hate myself for saying that. But dammit, I really wish the writers hadn’t turned him into a short-bus case.

  • wiccabasket

    He’s not for talking to. He is for looking pretty and bending over the furniture.

  • Matt1961


    HAHA Upvote!

  • mydude

    What is going to become of this character? Hot clip is hot, though.

  • Brian

    How is this gay? Gay Inc is getting desperate in its over-use of the gay word.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Why do I not watch this show ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • MikeE

    @ShowMeGuy: it’s a bit hit-or-miss, to be perfectly frank. it DOES have its great moments, it’s not all that homoerotic (though it DOES have a couple of incredibly hot actors in it with a few fleeting moments of quasi-sexual tension between them). there’s more lesbianism than gay guy stuff.

  • Victor_in_PA

    @Brian Why are you here?

  • Brian


    Exactly right about there being more female-female than malle-male on True Blood. And yet Gay Inc keeps selling us this BS that True Blood is friendly towards male homoerotica. It’s total BS. Gay Inc is owned by corporate entertainment media.

  • Rock Star

    Ok that’s funny and sexy all at once.

  • Niall

    @MikeE: Yep, this is like the 2nd of these fantasies they’ve done and the teasing is kinda annoying now, just take the plunge already!

  • Mike

    do you want to do me now
    you haven’t done this before have you
    relax do it like you do it to yourself
    its ok taste it

    .. scriptwriting ineundo

  • Kenny Jones

    Jason & Eric becoming lovers (on-again, off-again, or otherwise) WOULD have been an interesting plot twist; that psycho-b*tch Jason ended up in Season 7 was never very interesting & I was happy to see HER come to a bad, MESSY end. 3:)

  • Manuel Vasquez

    Once again!..I’m not surprise , such a tease though lol

  • Ken Maddex

    Ultimately my favorite scene from True Blood EVER!!!

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