WATCH: Sailor Returns After Six Months At Sea, Grabs His Boyfriend For Big Smooch

Trent, a sailor deployed aboard the USS Carl Vinson for six whole months, finally got to take leave at the Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, where his boyfriend, Lee, was waiting for him with open arms.

The only thing that could possibly be more romantic would be if Trent proposed. One victory at a time, we guess.

(If you’re impatient, the reunion happens around 2:00)

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  • Alan

    I want to put my semen in that Seaman. Welcome home, sailor!

  • nala

    I support our troops when they shoot their officers.

  • Frank

    Does his name happen to be Seaman Swallow?

  • v

    Check out the woman in the zebra jacket behind the couple. Don’t think she share our President’s views. Oh well. Good for those guys anyway.

  • Eldred

    @v: Wasn’t she one of the 2 chicks that said “Awwwwwwww!”
    a cute-like?

  • Lasatekas


  • PTBoat

    I’m with Lasatekas. Wow, Frank, did you ever leave the sixth grade?

  • Kayo

    @v: The black guy beside them either lol – apparently. I find it so insane how most black folk are so homophobic.

  • yaoming

    Like the lesbian soundtrack.

  • Claudio

    The black army dude beside them did NOT look impressed. But he was chill none the less. Baby steps I guess. Here in Canada it’s way more relaxed – well in Ontario anyway. Hopefully in the States you will be able to get married anywhere in your country just like we can get married anywhere in Canada.

  • Aussie Col

    As a white Aussie, I was also under the false impression that most blacks are homophobes, yet a recent poll shows that they support equal marriage in a higher percentage than white’s, and I don’t understand why the race card is played so much in your country. So what if 1 black dude didn’t like it, maybe he was jealous.
    It’s a glorious moment that these two men shared, which couldn’t happen a few years ago without them being beaten and arrested…lets just celebrate their love.

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