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WATCH: See inside Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita’s NYC home

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita (Photo: YouTube)

Husbands Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita have welcomed Architectural Digest into their Manhattan home.

Ferguson, famed for his role on Modern Family, and Mikita, a lawyer and producer, recently revealed they are to become parents for the first time later this year. Last weekend they held a baby shower at their Los Angeles home.

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Ferguson says the couple spends around half of the year in their New York home. Ferguson has appeared in many plays, and Mikita has taken up producing just in the last couple of years. He won a Tony award in 2019 for producing an Oklahoma revival on Broadway. In the video, Ferguson quips that he’s been acting for two decades and still never been nominated for such an honor.

The light and airy two-bedroom apartment, which they say was part of a new-build, has its own elevator entrance.

It’s crammed with artworks and sculptures, which Mikita likes to assign names – including a buddha he’s named Sarah Jessica Parker and a papier-mache giraffe named Tilda Swinton.

With plenty of ingenious storage solutions, the men say they wanted the space to be, “like a really comfortable hotel that happened to have a kitchen and all our clothes already in it.”

Ferguson says he’s currently spending a lot of time in the kitchen as he’s working on a cookbook. This entails testing out lots of recipes. Again, the kitchen has plenty of hidden storage space and is dominated by a large neon cockerel, which Justin says was inspired by the famed New York City gay bar, The Cock.

Justin and Jesse with their neon cockerel - an homage to gay bar, The Cock
Justin and Jesse with their neon cockerel – an homage to gay bar, The Cock (Photo: YouTube)

“We thought it would be a funny and sweet homage to a New York institution,” adds Ferguson.

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The master bedroom is decked out with linen produced by Thread Experiment, a company Mikita part-owns and which describes itself as a “brand of home bedding dedicated to men.” Mikita explains in the video that, “all the designs are very neutral and have a masculine aesthetic. They’re based on menswear, so a lot less thrills and pinks.”

Home styling and decorating is clearly something Ferguson cares passionately about. Besides his acting jobs, he can currently be seen hosting HGTV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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