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  • daftpunkydavid

    i might be in the minority on this, but this leaves me a bit uncomfortable…

  • George

    Yea this is a little weird…

  • Lee

    Then both of you should get therapy. Maybe you can go together an get a Two-for-One rate.


    Meanwhile back in the real world:

    “I don’t understand why people think civil unions are the same as marriage.” – Ethan.

    One ringy dingy. Two ringy dingy.

    “Hello, Mr. President. This is Ernestine, the White House Operator. Thank you, Sir, I hope you’re having a nice day, too. Sir, there’s a child holding on the other line who insists on speaking to you.

    Do you….hello? Hello, Mr. President, are you still there? Hello?”

  • lynn

    I think this is amazing! that kid rocks! If he has an opinion he should be more than able to express it. Especially considering the latest NOM ad, kids are only confused if their parents don’t explain whats going on.

  • Michael

    I’ve never liked kids being put up to speak for any hot button issue. One never knows how much of what they say is under their own volition. While there is a difference between parents asking their kids to say something and a kid actively trying to be heard, it is often hard for audiences to know which is the case.

  • BradK

    He’s a hell of a lot more articulate than Miss Bimbo California, and a hell of a lot more integrity than The Messiah…

  • Dan


    Generally, I would agree with you that kids should not be used by adults to score political points. In 95% of the cases where an 8-year old “speaks out” on a hot political issue, it is just a case of adult manipulation. But in some instances, the kid in question has actually thought about the issue and has developed his own views. In that case, it is a beautiful thing to see a young person engage the world and speak out. I think we see that here just as we saw it with Steve Cozza, who spoke out on the Boy Scouts discriminatory policies 8 years ago.

    It is really not that hard to tell the difference between manipulation and the real article. A kid being manipulated will generally just mouth slogans and will be unable to respond to basic questions. You can see an example of this by going on Youtube and looking at any clip in which Phelps family kids are asked about their protests. By contrast, Ethan strikes me as a thoughtful, articulate boy. He has been interviewed by the media and appears to know what he is talking about. And no one has suggested that a teacher or parent has put any of this into his head. So I think it is unfair of you and the first 2 commenters to belittle this kid’s efforts. We should be supportive and, frankly, grateful.

  • Lee

    Wierd???? Jesus Fucking Christ!

    There’s a 10-yr. old in college in California studying wormholes and Einstein’s theory of relativity. Another 10-yr. old has completed a bachelor’s degree.

    Any kid, smart or dumb, not living in a cave or forbidden by his/her Troglodytic parents from reading the newspaper, watching TV news, searching the Net, has heard about “gay marriage” and the police bar incident was widely covered in mainstream Colorado media.

    Once again, such comments are proof that our great obstacles are among our own.

  • Mark M

    Kids don’t vote, most of them don’t pay much tax, and I don’t care what their opinion is- that is to say, I don’t like seeing them pimped out.

  • jbw

    Well, I think this is so wonderful and inspiring. He does not seem coerced to me at all. It it so far beyond the reach of possibility that there is a generation of young people who literally — as he said — see no rational basis for inequality? I believe he speaks his heart. We should all be grateful he not only believes in equality, but the freedoms of speech and assembly.

    Well done, Ethan.

    I think I’ll head on over to YouTube and watch Whitney Houston sing “The Greatest Love of All” now…

  • dorothy

    at that age my lil sis was homophobic as hell, even though I was out, she found it “way yuck”

    A while ago she stood up in class when 2 kids were bullying someone, calling her lesbian, she stated “and what would be wrong with lesbians? my sis happens to be one you know!” pretty matter of factly. And no, I didn’t train her to do that, I only taught her not to make hatefull comments about gay people because they are humans too.

    Granted, she’s a bit older than this boy, but not much and she isn’t mature for her age so I think the boy might have an opinion of his own…

  • sal(the original)

    i think its great,one less bully and one more humane being…

  • Rikard

    My niece and a friend are raising the $1200.00 for a well in an African village. They heard about it in school and started looking for ways to raise the money. I have their old clothes and toys in a yard sale this weekend and they are working other fund raising angles too. Granted they are much older at age 12, but I think kids are smarter than some here are giving credit for.

  • BrianZ

    Very cool young person. Amazing that things can be so simple out of the mouths of children, isn’t it? Too bad we can’t get that from out politicians.

  • Jaroslaw

    I was probably smarter than average as a kid, (been going backwards ever since)… but kids see through hypocrisy real quick if as stated above, they don’t have completely troglodyte parents indoctrinating them. A good friend of mine was duping VHS tapes years ago and his 4th grade niece asked about that warning about “not copying!” He of course lied and said it didn’t apply to him….

    So…..”Why?” & “how come?” are very standard questions for kids; and as stated there are a few really really smart kids out there. Let them speak.

  • Lizzie

    OMG, amazingly articulate, intelligent, focused little boy. when can I vote HIM into office?!!

  • slider

    Well that made me cry happy tears!! At least I know our future is in far better hands then the current Discrimination in Chief, given what he has acknowledged that in most states his own parents were not permitted to be married when they decided to be married. Discrimination in all its forms is represensible..yet somehow the Discriminator in Chief in the White House can readily state and believe that Gays and Lesbians are “less then” because we are not entitled to equality and as an African American he can also state that separate and unequal is more then ok when it comes to civil unions vs. marriage, for after all he has indicated marriage is about God….what Obama thinks if you are Gay we are not religious nor have a belief in God and God does not bless us, bless our love or love us even though he made us, because we are Gay?!!

    We would never let any Republican get away with that argument..why we let President Obama is beyond belief to me.

    Ethan did a far better job then the likes of the leaders of HRC et al.

    It is good to know that the next generation contains bright, caring and common sense and giving of heart individuals.

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