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WATCH: The best and gayest movie & TV trailers that dropped in October 2023

Image Credit: ‘Nuovo Olimpo,’ Netflix

We’ve made a habit of ending every month with a rundown of our favorite queer movie and TV trailers to hit the internet over the past few weeks. So, yes, it’s purely a coincidence that the October roundup falls on Halloween. But we can assure you this list is all treats, no tricks!

Over the past month, we’ve been treated to previews for all sorts of up-and-coming gay entertainment, including two different decades-spanning romances, two different biopics of queer history makers, and one show the follows the lives of adult film stars as the feud and f*** behind the scenes.

To help you stay ahead of it all, we’ve assembled a recap of the best and gayest trailers that hit the internet throughout October with reminders of when and where you can watch each title. Check them all out below and mark your calendars accordingly!

The Male Gaze: A Better Tomorrow

The long-running M4M short film anthology The Male Gaze returns with A Better Tomorrow, a collection of stories from all over the world (Austria, China, Greece, Mexico, Spain) with a common theme of finding hope—and love!—in dark times.

Now available via Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo On Demand.

X-Rated: NYC, Season 2

OUTtv’s addicting “reality” series X-Rated: NYC returns, reuniting Boomer Banks, Dante Colle, Joey Mills, and Max Konnor for a peek behind the curtain of the sometimes messy, always unpredictable adult film industry. The guys are still reeling from the drama the first go-around and, in a meta twist, now have to contend with the first season of X-Rate airing, with all their dirty laundry out there for everyone to see.

Now airing on OUTtv.

Fellow Travelers

One of our most anticipated series of the year, Fellow Travelers is the time-hopping story of two men who met and fall in love in DC in the 1950s, at a time when anti-communist paranoia led to the outing and ousting of countless queer men and women working for the government. By now, the first episode has already aired, and folks are raving about the fiery-hot chemistry between leads Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey.

New episodes begin streaming on Paramount+ every Friday, and then broadcast on Showtime on Sundays.

Nuovo Olimpo

In 1970s Italy, two young men meet at a movie theater and begin a passionate, secret affair. But when a series of events—tied to the social and political protests sweeping the country—pull them apart, they spend the next 30 years looking for each other. Only now, as grown men who have built lives of their own, do they have a chance to reconnect and explore if what they had was really meant to last.

Streaming on Netflix beginning November 1.


The great Colman Domingo stars in the story of civil rights activist and community organizer, Bayard Rustin. As one of the men responsible for orchestrating the 1963 March On Washington—the one that culminated in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s unforgettable “I Have A Dream Speech”—Rustin is one of our most under-celebrated history-makers, and this rousing biopic finally puts him in the spotlight.

Hits select theaters on November 3, then begins streaming exclusively on Netflix November 17.


In his follow-up to A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper writes, directs, and stars in (with an assist from a very divisive prosthetic nose) this biopic of legendary conductor and composer, Leonard Bernstein. Though the movie’s main thrust is his relationship to actress Felicia Montealegre (Carey Mulligan), it will also touch on Bernstein’s affairs with men and its impact on his marriage.

Hits select theaters on November 22, then begins streaming exclusively on Netflix December 20.

Bad Together

In this indie drama, writer-director Jono Mitchell tells a personal story of gay male friendship. Both at low points in their lives, Robbie (Andrés Erickson) and Cameron (Queer Niro) meet and immediately hit it off, forging a thorny connection that isn’t so much mutually beneficial as it is serving their individual needs. Can they learn to love themselves and actually be there for one another, or is this “toxic friendship” doomed form the start?

Arriving on digital/VOD platforms on December 5.

The Iron Claw

To be up front with you, we don’t believe there’s actually anything “gay” about this one. But we couldn’t miss the chance to tell you about a movie where hotties Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, and Harris Dickinson get jacked to play wrestlers. Though, fair warning to anyone buying a ticket to this one purely out of thirst: They’re playing the brother of the “cursed” Von Erich wrestling dynasty, so this one’s going to be pretty dark and depressing.

Coming to theaters December 22.

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