WATCH: Gay Families In Washington Share Their Stories With The Four 2012

The third in The Four 2012‘s Marriage for All Families video series takes us to Washington where we meet: Jamie and Eric, a gay couple together for over ten years and the proud parents of four boys; Jeff, a law student who attributes his success to his two moms,  who recently celebrated their 38th year anniversary; and Debbie and Anna, a lesbian couple together for more than twelve years who are raising two boys.

“In twenty-one short days we have the chance to make history and win all four ballot measures on marriage equality,” said TheFour co-founder Brian Ellner. “If we do, our opponents will lose their most potent talking point and we’ll have demonstrated that public opinion has reached — and in fact exceeded — the tipping point towards equality. Now is the time for all Americans who support fairness for all families to get involved.”

Co-founder Ryan Davis added, “We’re getting such a wonderful response by showing real gay couples. People are identifying with these families and their struggle for equality.”

A recent poll showed strong support for Amendment 74, which would legalize same-sex marriage in the state.

The previous two videos, Maine and Minnesota, have been viewed almost 60,000 times on You Tube and the final installment, Maryland, will be released next Tuesday, October 23.