WATCH: This Stadium Full Of People Celebrates Robin Thicke’s Package!

If nothing else, Miley Cyrusbarely-legal booty twerking all up in Robin Thicke’s business is a testament to just how badly everyone wants to ride this famous D.

He’s not shy about it, either. From announcing he “knows you want it” to blatantly telling you that he’s got “a big dick for ya,” Mr. Thicke has been anything but subtle with using his massive endowment to turn you on [to his new album].

Some say “he must not have a big dick, because otherwise he wouldn’t need to talk about it.” We say “haha” to that, because you’re sitting behind a keyboard and Robin Thicke literally has hundreds of people prancing around a football field singing about how huge his dick is. He wins!

Check out the brand new video above for this summer’s hit dick anthem, “Give It 2 U.”