Much Ado

WATCH: Twitter Is Lusting After This New, Sexed-Up Joe Jonas Video. You Should, Too.


An oft-shirtless Joe Jonas slithers his way through the new DNCE video for their latest single, “Body Moves,” which intercuts faux sex-tape footage with some sexy models mugging moodily for the camera and getting jiggly with one another in various states of undress.

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During the chorus, Jonas enjoys getting and performing simulated fellatio in a disused elevator, as we try our best to do whenever the chorus kicks in, too.gif

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Needless to say, all this unstoppered and brazenly brazen sexuality has hardly gone unnoticed by the denizens of Twitter, who have taken to the social media site to share their impressions in real-time.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments: