WATCH: Wedding Bells Ring As First Gay Couple Marries In Maine!

Marriage equality became official at 12:01am this morning, and gay couples wasted no time tying the knot. Above, Michael Snell and Steven Bridges of Portland became the first same-sex couple to legally wed in the Pine Tree State.

“This is an amazing day for thousands of Maine families, and it’s an amazing time, because Maine has shown that voters will support allowing same-sex couples to marry,” said David Farmer, spokesman for Mainers United for Marriage, “and voters can change their mind about the topic. This gives hope and energy to states where voters have voted the other way.”

Snell, 53, and Bridges, 42, were wed at Portland City Hall, which stayed open Friday evening to accommodate hopeful couples. (Other municipal offices opened at their regular hours.) The men have been together nine years and held an informal ceremony six years ago. “We’ve been smiling the whole day,” said Bridges.

Messages of congratulations have overrun social media, but we were truly touched by a heartfelt tweet from straight ally Lance Boucher: “My marriage is more meaningful now that all Maine couples have same right as Rachael & I. #Equality #YesOn1 #ME4M Congrats Steven & Michael”