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  • LaKeishaGuitierezArafat

    He got some in the first episode of season 1. It was just a smooch. I doubt PBS would show any gay scenes, especially after Elmogate.

  • Gigi Gee

    PBS showed Tales of the City, and there was a lot of gay tale in that.

  • LaKeishaGuitierezArafat

    Sorry I am not familiar. I am still a wee babe.

  • Tracy

    I hate to disappoint anyone, but his character does not get much of anything in the 3rd series.

  • niles

    And we have the Gaybies scurrying about for crumbs.

  • John Doe

    It is too bad that the gay character in Downton Abbey happens to be one of the two most disliked characters on the show. He’s sort of the villan and the guy nobody likes or trusts.

    Not only this, at least twice there are scenes in which his character sexually advances himself onto a straight guy. How it all plays out sort of feeds the minds of anti-gay viewers that gays are sexual deviants that you have to watch out for, can’t trust, etc.

  • balehead

    Joy’s questioning about men kissing men were offensive and juvenile….

  • LaKeishaGuitierezArafat

    @John Doe: He tries to kiss Mister Pamuk, who then tries to black mail Thomas if he doesn’t show him the way to Mary’s room. Thomas’s lack of intimate interaction has turned him pure evil. Same thing with Obrien that bitch is dry and barren.

    I love Violets and Isobels squacking. I enjoy it immensly. I can’t get any of my friends to watch Downton, they prefer to watch trash like the Real Housewives, that awful show with Ashton that i can’t really be bothered by remembering the shows name.

    I also enjoy Homeland, Game of Thrones, Dexter, 30 Rock, and Girls. They say those shows require too much thinking.

  • LaKeishaGuitierezArafat

    @balehead: You know the show is based in the 1920s. Even today we have intolerable people asking personal questions regarding someones sexuality. Well how do you know you don’t like poon if you only tried it once? It only takes one time.

  • LaKeishaGuitierezArafat

    I am sure if Downton was on HBO, Showtime, or AMC, Thomas would be getting a lot of action. He could’ve banged the blind soldier who he helped commit suicide.

  • Freddie27

    I like that Thomas is evil, mainly because there’s character development. He’s not some dull gay best friend who acts out every stereotype and serves only as the foil for the female protagonist, with no interesting back story. Now we have a real gay villain, whose sexuality is just a part of his character, not the be all and end all.

  • John Doe

    @LaKeishaGuitierezArafat: In Season 3 there is another scandal concerning Thomas and his sexuality. Assuming you haven’t seen these episodes…. I’ll just leave it at that.

  • John Doe

    The writing for Downton is excellent in my opinion. It’s like a book vs. a TV show. I feel like I’m actually being culturally stimulated and not losing brain cells. Most American TV shows are like electronic leaches that suck out brain cells. Too many reality shows based on immature people living shocking lives. Honey Boo Boo, Kardashians, etc. What a sad commentary on what we’ve become. So much for shows that actually stimulate intelligence or thinking. Sorry if I offended any Honey Boo Boo fanatics.

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