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  • Mike1987

    Who is that?
    What is that?
    Does it speak english?

    Martha, get the gun…………

  • GAYJOCK 76

    Used a hidden cel phone to communicate with a friend who was paying off a contact in production who was giving him the heads up on the upcoming challenges?

  • Charlie

    Willam is truly hilarious, sad that the cut was made but it certainly did spice up this season.

  • Texndoc

    Now you see, I could listen to Sharon Needles or Latrice Royale for 5 minutes of impromptu because they’d be hysterical, bitch. I couldn’t handle more than 30 seconds of this, bitch. (as they always end each sentence on UnTucked)

  • Shannon1981

    LOL Willam is such a bitch. I love it.

  • jose c

    i am your fan…don’t want u go..envy your fashion style..

  • stevoj

    “this a LAH-BU-TAHN!!”

    hash tag. dying.

  • no one

    I laughed the entire 5 minutes.

  • Bailey

    I like willam. She’s funny even though she can’t read others like a queen would… eg: “i think your being very pointed right now” when she should have gone all batshit queen on that gurl.

    In the end, I think it was all set up and planned in advance… aren’t all reality shows?

  • Kevin

    Willam is usually so much more entertaining than that. Willam, if you’re reading this (and we all know you are), don’t let this madcap character overtake you. You’re TONS funnier when you keep things a little bit more in control.

  • DouggSeven

    I’m guessing Willam is called back next week. Who else can they bring back? Everyone so far has deserved to go.

  • Texndoc

    Kenya of course is coming back next week and her prior letter was a plot device. I don’t think I laughed once at Willam although the blue paint exploding in the mug shots was clever. Looking back Willam was just there to further Phi Phi and Phi Phi is just there to further Sharon Needles. I love when Phi Phi flops as usual and they cut to Sharon for some funny response.

  • Texndoc

    I saw on Twitter even Gaga is cheering on Sharon Needles. Poor Phi-Gaga-Phi.

  • Cam

    It was a set up, they are drumming up audience levels for the reunion.

    If it was a legit kick-off, they wouldn’t have bothered to have the other two perform in order to create drama. And they wouldn’t have announced that Willem was one of the winners is my guess.

  • Spike

    Willam aint talking because he is the queen that is brought back next week. Why else is he doing shit for Logo now? He’s also a viscous bitch in his own way, not like the other tired queens, and thus makes for good TV.

  • Mathew

    I am generally against reality shows… I personally feel they are desperate cries out for personal attention and self-promotion. I have a lot of respect for RuPaul as an entertainer… back in the 1990’s, Ru was creative, inventive, and had some really fun music… but I cannot respect this television show. I see it as nothing more than a garden plantation for growing cat-fights. I’m gay, and while I would never be caught dead dressing up as a woman, I can respect the female impersonators who do it for a living because it takes a lot of hard work, money, and balls to do it–but this show Drag Race isn’t about the talent and keeping professional–it’s about the bitching and psycho-mellow drama. And I just don’t like the way it portrays gay men–sorry. This is my personal opinion, and anyone is free to disagree.
    As for “Willam”… I actually happen to have caught the episode where he was kicked off. And now Willam can’t say–probably because he’s contracted not to–so they can promote this “reunion” show or whatever… And that’s a sell-out. I hate to knock RuPaul, but I am curious as to this show’s ratings since it’s begining. I am going to guess they have gone down. I think RuPaul should release new material, or do remixing/production work for other artists… He’s a very, very talented man. I think behind all the wigs and bitching, we forget that.
    And a final note on “Willam”… Someone do us a favor and make him go away. I watched the above clip. It’s just not funny. Sorry. The accent is fake and desperate, and you can tell there was absolutely NO preparation for even this skit. A real professional is prepared, and has writers or writes some GOOD (or even moderately) funny material. There is nothing here–and it drags on (no pun intended) for five minutes plus… It’s a lot of hype, and a lot of promotion—but not a lot of talent.
    The one drag queen that I would have to pick, after watching only just less than three shows… would be the heavyset black guy. I apologize for I do not recall his name, but he seems to be the most professional out of all of them with the least amount of personal drama. It would be nice to see a group of professionals, and less cat-queens on this program–but then again, they would never do that–for the ratings would fall. What a shame.

  • caryl

    anybody laugh just at willam bc u see his 5hr shadow the entire time BITCH learn to shave n do your makeup right n it wont show!

  • mary

    I have enjoy watching the show. I cant figure out why William got bump. Because if that was the case why in the h…. did yah have to sing and dance. If RuPaul knew you were going to be ax why do the skit. Doesnt make sense except for show points. If anybody should have kick off it should been Phi Phi. She has not like u since day 1. She has gotten all of the other b…. against you. William u just different hon but u go girl. Phi Phi should have been kick off the show. Especially when she tried to get your partner to mess up the skit and then you would have to lip sing. I mean she even offer to give him the vacation that she won. And she didnt like the fact that u call her out about wearing the blonde wigs.
    Oh by the way Im straight white lady. Yah need to have a show about applying make up. I would watch because it amazing what you can do.

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