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WATCH: Yale’s New Admissions Video Is a Musical, and It’s As Gay As You’d Expect

Yale University, in New Haven, Conn., is already the gayest of the Ivy schools. But this month the admissions department released this much-hyped musical production. Holy shit.

Musical theater is, by and large, a very gay institution. Whether you’re catching a play or How I Met Your Mother‘s musical episode, there’s no way to go this route and not go gay. And “That’s Why I Chose Yale” (above) is exactly that.

Yale’s admissions dean Jeff Brenzel is absolutely correct when he says “It’s going to get noticed because there’s nothing like it. I expect that there will be parodies and attempts at imitation.”

Except Yale’s official video has already been parodied — before it was released.

“The Gay Ivy,” notes the blog Ivy Gate, was released last year, and outlines the explicit gayness of a certain Northeast set of schools.

And then there’s the “Mean Gays” parody, from 2006, created by and starring Mark Dunn, Yale class of 2007, who is now a Yale admissions officer. And yes, the mastermind behind “That’s Why I Chose Yale.” Roll that beautiful mean footage:

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  • Brian NJ

    Truly the “Springtime for Hitler” of college admissions videos.

  • sal(the original)

    can any american here tell me what do you call those triangle flags (like the blue one in this video wit “yale” written on it).thanks!!

  • Steve

    This makes me want to send them an application.

    (Of course, I’m over 50, and I already have a Ph.D., so I’m not sure how that would work.)

  • sal(the original)

    @brandon: THANK U SOOO MUCH!!!!!:)

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