Watching a Gay Teen at McDonald’s Doesn’t Make Bill O’Reilly Hungry For Meat

Bill O’Reilly isn’t a stupid man, and he knows that all food advertising isn’t about making your salivate. Sometimes it’s about making you feel welcome, which is what McDonald’s gay ad in France was trying to accomplish. But of course this is a “political” ad, so let’s jump into crazytown with Bill’s rhetorical question, “Do they have an Al Qaeda ad?” No, but there is an Iranian one.

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  • Ricky

    he guarentees (spelling) that McD’s in the USA will NEVER air that ad? Wouldn’t it be great if they did, proving him wrong (yet again… and as usual, easily) and forcing him to either eat his words or come back with some statement about “what I really meant was this…”

  • AlwaysGay

    People like him have to die, they are filled with too musch hate to be recovered.

  • AlanReeser

    As far as I’m concerned, Countdown’s Keith Olbermann can’t kill this dumb bastard enough.

  • ...

    What a complete and utter moron.

  • dvlaries

    Rue’s dead, yet this worthless gasbag still breathes free air, and we’re supposed to believe in all-just God…?

  • Rashid

    You demented woman. Give me the name of that gay activist.

    The ad is meant to be realistic in portraying society ‘as it is’ at the moment. Many people can relate to such awkward family moments regarding their being gay. This scenario fits quite well with McDonald’s campaign ‘come as you are.’

    It’s remarkable how O’Reilly proudly says that this ad will never run in the States. What he’s saying, very proudly, is that America will never be as open minded as to come across this ad without sparking controversy.

    “Gays are ten percent of the population..uh…”

    I guess ten percent is not enough to have gay visibility in advertisement. Gotta keep growing so that in O’Reilly’s eyes the gay majority is ruling.


    FAUX NEWS: Unfair and totally unbalanced…………

  • jake

    if gays are only 10% of the population, why does O’Reily spend an inordinate amount of time talking about gay themed topics.


  • Toby


    I don’t see why they couldn’t show it on Logo (I say keep it in French and subtitled), it’s adorable…

    It makes me want to go to France and eat McDonalds.

  • ewe

    Notice that this Oreilly homophobe does not say one word about the character playing the father mentioning what a “LADIES MAN” he use to be? Bill O’Reilly is a scumbag and although he and the woman he paid off are not allowed to legally talk about the sexual harassment case, the rest of us can and should take note that his phone was his dildo while jerking off on it with his former employee against her will from what i remember before all his money put a lid on it. We have no obligation to let that rest or remain unspoken when referring to this enemy of LGBTQ people. We should fight the way he does… NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baxter

    @AlanReeser: Olbermann’s almost as much of a nutcase as O’Reilly. I like to switch back and forth between their shows really fast so it looks like they’re yelling at each other.

  • ewe

    @Baxter: I agree. Olberman has alienated so many older viewers. Many i have spoken to say that they used to like him but he became so vicious and vitriolic in his attacks against other people that they will not even watch anymore. It really is no different than the right wing haters even if i do agree with him. MSNBC has become little more than dismissive. The way to combat Oreilly is to put that greasy telephone penetrator in his place. He cannot comment about that but we can.

  • Devon

    Dear McDonalds, please air this ad in the US. Just to piss him off.

  • Mike

    Hey Bill, this commercial has a lot more to do with eating hamburgers than the ones with clown who lives with a big purple blob and a bird (the one character with a hamburger for a head was written out long ago).

  • Kyle412

    What percentage of the population are Asians? Latinos? Blacks? Handicapped? Redheads? With his thinking there would be no minorities in commercials.

  • PopSnap

    10% of 300 million = 30 million.

    Yeah thats like a tiny number huh?

  • jason

    O’Retard tailors his show to bed-wetting conservatives. Should it surprise?

  • hephaestion

    Gay news anchor Thomas Roberts is now on MSNBC! YAY!! And he is not only brilliant… he is also gorgeous!!

  • FlStuD

    WE SHOULD PROVE O’hater wrong, and bring this ad to America.

  • tjr101

    Bill Oreilly should be smart enough to know never say never especially when it comes to the US.
    Unfortunately Oreilly may be right in the near future, I just don’t see an ad like that being run in America on a family network during prime time. On a gay themed channel? Yes, but don’t expect CBS or NBC anytime soon. America is just too conservative and backward for it.

  • Mykelb

    I sent McDonald’s corporate a BIG OLE THANK YOU FROM WASHINGTON, DC.

    “Comment: I want to thank McDonald’s for their insightful and humane advertisement of the french teenager. It’s high time that the diversity of the world is shown in corporate advertisements. I know that the far RRW will be giving you all hell, but tell them we LGBTs eat at McDonalds too, and we are proud of your recognizing all of your customers.

    Thanks again.”

    Send your thanks on their website at:

  • WiseUp

    The Queerty crew is getting repulsive again. This going after O’Reilly is about as charming as when they said Don Imus deserves cancer for saying the word “ho.” (They never took it back when Imus came out for gay marriage). Everytime O’Reilly says something pro-gay or in defense of gays, Queerty ignores it. Like the Towleroad folks, the out-of-town-gay Queerties are ferociously jealous of a native New Yorker who made it big (and another part of it is that O’Reilly is just too defensive of Obama- Queerty’s designated villain)..

  • PopSnap


    Really? There’s nothing positive about Bill on this site? Then what’s this article and the comment section about?

    I will digress- I don’t think Bill is a bad person. I disagree with him and think he says some pretty bad things (point in case, this story), but in general I can at least say that he is a decent human being. I cannot say the same for pundits like Rush or Pat Robrterson who are shitty ass people in general, or Glenn Beck who is just… well, totally crazy, too crazy to tell if he is an asshole or not.

  • ewe

    @PopSnap: Oreilly is a homophobic racist. He says terribly ignorant things about gay people and I agree with you that is bad. I do not agree with you that he is a decent human being.

  • roflmfao

    I dont know if it’s the fact that America isn’t ready for this sort of add. Or if the companies are too gutless to even try. Ok, yeah there is that horrid group Million Mom March or something like that, and they call at the drop of a hat. But the companies have to get a grip! So, what if a few nut cases call in and threaten to stop buying their whatever in the hell they are selling. If they stand firm against it, and maybe even make a new commercial saying how they support whatever these wacks are protesting about, they might win new support and customers!


    @PopSnap: O’Reily is kinda a moderate lunatic. He has actually said some good things about the Gays once in a blue moon…….Howeva you are 100% right on ’bout the Rush Windbag, Glen (I may have murdered a girl back in the ’90s) Beck et.all. They do nothing but spew vile hatred towards us at every opportuinty…….

    And still waiting for Rush Windbag’s “George Reekers” incident to break………


    You all do know it was the Al Qaeda Ad he was referring to right? He was guaranteeing that an Al Qaeda version of that same Ad will not air in the States NOT the gay version. So chill Kids.

  • ........

    I have NO respect for this man at all! He thinks he knows everything when he really doesn’t!


    @……..: Well he did graduate from Harvard.

  • ........

    @SSCHIEFRSHA: Well graduating from Harvard doesn’t mean you know everything! Some of his arguments lack facts! He may want to re-open those Harvard books!

  • jeffree

    Big corporations put mildly gay themed print ads into the LGB newspapers/mags press, but still don’t include us in their TV spots. The beer/ spirits companies’ ads in the LGB press & sponsorships of Pride fests still seem to dominate, at least as far as I have seen.

    Before McDo stars running an ad like this on network TV in the US, I bet they’re more likely to run something in print or on Logo. Eventually, they WILL run on TV, I’m sure. May take a couple decades.

    O’Reilly’s weak arguments seem not to be only that similar ads WONT be run, but that they SHOULDN’T.
    Quel connard! What a misguided idiot !

  • B

    QUEERTY: “But of course this is a ‘political’ ad, so let’s jump into crazytown with Bill’s rhetorical question, ‘Do they have an Al Qaeda ad?'”

    As is often the case, QUEERTY is misrepresenting what was going on. Just before O’Reilly’s comment, the person who he was talking to explained that McDonald’s was running an ad campaign about diversity, with everyone welcome. Immediately after that, O’Reilly made his quip about Al Qaeda. It was probably meant as a joke, but what he was really asking was what the boundaries are – obviously you don’t cater to ax murderers, but this is TV so he has to ask the question in a way that will keep his audience interested (no matter how dumb his audience is).

    Either John Steward or Stephen Colbert once did a program about some right-wing character who sounds really, really dumb on TV. It turns out that she graduated from Stanford, and he had a clip of her playing classical music on a violin during a beauty pageant when she was younger. So obviously her “dumb bimbo” behavior was simply an act to appeal to the unwashed masses.
    Don’t assume some TV personality really is as dumb as he appears to be on the tube.

  • ewe

    @WiseUp: We don’t have to thank straight people for being just, nice and equal with regards to any fucking conversation they may blurt out about us. Check reality. You can grovel all you want on your knees to straight people who say nice things about gay people. Who cares? That is expected. It is called humanity.

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