Alright, we’ll go ahead and say it: we are absolutely gagging for Drew Tarver, comedy icon and star of The Other Two on Max–and we see no reason to come up for air anytime soon.

Since 2019, the actor, who is bisexual IRL, has brought plenty of cringeworthy laughs and queer representation to The Other Two. In the show, Tarver plays Carey Dubek, a struggling gay actor in New York whose life, along with his sister’s, is upended when their 13-year-old brother becomes famous.

Over the course of three seasons, Tarver’s character has found himself in plenty of hilariously humiliating moments, whether it’s making out with his straight roommate over and over again, befriending a group of famous “instagays” in order to boost his follower count (see a clip below), blackmailing The White Lotus’ Lukas Cage for a role, or falling for a method actor who never breaks character, leading to a sexless relationship. Not to mention, being part of this scene, which  includes one of the most iconic lines ever uttered in LGBTQ+ cinema. 

Ultimately, it’s this hilariously critical but loving take on LGBTQ+ culture that attracted Tarver to the role. 

“Well, being a struggling actor, playing a struggling actor was like, ‘Okay, I know these humiliating moments. I know the struggle you’re going through.’ So it felt very real,” he told GQ back in 2021. “I also really responded to [the fact that] it wasn’t a coming out story about a queer character. It was more about a character who’s already come out, but is dealing with the repercussions of coming out late, having some internalized homophobia still coursing through his veins, and trying to figure that out. Not only did it have these very funny big moments and super smart jokes, but it also had an emotional element that felt very real and that you could latch onto.”

Perhaps most remarkable about Tarver is that he is an openly bisexual guy playing a gay guy on TV – in an industry where openly bi actors are rarely seen… an achievement that’s not lost on Tarver.

“It’s hard to figure yourself out as a queer person when you don’t get to see yourself onscreen growing up and there isn’t a real clear roadmap a lot of times with how things are supposed to happen,” he said in an interview with Out. “Especially in this business, too, being a bisexual actor and [the character] Cary is a gay actor in the show, so for me, there a lot of issues [he’s dealing with] that I’ve dealt with.”

For Tarver, being able to be his authentic self has allowed him to excel in his work. When asked what it’s like not having to hide who he is on set, he called it “amazing.”

“When the creators of a show know you truly, there’s a closeness you have with them that makes acting and doing the material they’ve written more truthful. Having [Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, creators of The Other Two] know the real me constantly felt good. You just feel supported.”

And as for the future of LGBTQ+ representation on TV and film, Tarver remains optimistic

“I’m really excited,” he said. “The industry seems to be moving in a great way right now. I’m always excited for any representation that is diverse on TV… I just think that’s so important, to give young, queer, diverse people representation they can see. Somebody once said, ‘If you can see it, you can be it.’ I hope more keeps coming, because it’s just very helpful for anybody that is part of any marginalized group.”

Wise words from a wise man! We are stoked to have someone like Tarver in Hollywood, who is bringing much-need bisexual representation to the industry, along with non-stop laughs via his deliciously diabolical and hilarious role on The Other Two. Like we said, we are gagging for you Drew. Welcome to the Pride50!

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