We Want Your Art: Starbelly

“You may recall that yesterday we asked for you, our talented and creative readers, to send us your art.” We were thrilled to bit that you guys took us up on our offer!

Today, we’re featuring an artist who goes by the pseudonym Starbelly. Why “Starbelly,” you ask? We haven’t the foggiest. We do know, however, that we love his take on the old Jack B. Nimble nursery rhyme, pictured above.

Thanks for sharing your art, Starbelly! We heart you like whoa.

Keep reading, kiddies, because we’ve got loads of other submissions to share with you. To those of you who haven’t already sent us your aesthetic wonders: get off your bums, scour your collection, and send ’em on over. We’ll keep posting as long as we have material.

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