Weekend Round-Up

Don’t forget your mom this weekend! Mother’s Day is May 14. And don’t forget to read all these super-cool entries from Queerty:

National Day Of Silence protestors to be suspended. If you’re lucky, maybe next year it could be you! Join in the fun!

Howard Dean is touchy and doesn’t like to be criticized

Fox News anchor is horny and doesn’t like to sleep with women

• The Queerty Book Club: Oprah‘s got nothin’ on us! Read My Lucky Star, it’s hilarious. We interviewed the author here.

British anti-gay politician made gay porn movies. Isn’t that always the way?

Win an autographed kd lang CD

California to write LGBT history into public school textbooks; a.k.a., why we are obsessed with “Jem”

• …and finally, we have a new look! Ain’t it sexy?