Wendy Williams could be in even worse trouble than we realized

Friends of former talk show host Wendy Williams have gone public with mounting concerns over her health and well-being. Just days after producers fired Williams from her long-running talk show due to health concerns, new reports have surfaced indicating that Williams has missed several medical appointments. Others close to the host have also speculated that she could be an unwitting prisoner in her own home.

Concerns for Williams began to mount last year as she missed the first episodes of Season 14 of The Wendy Williams Show due to undisclosed health concerns. Producers for the show eventually announced that Williams would not return for the season at all, and last week, fired her from her job as host. Next season will see the show retooled and hosted by Sherri Shepherd.

Amid her professional woes, Williams has also filed a lawsuit against her bank, Wells Fargo, alleging that she’s been cut off from her finances. She also fired her longtime manager and publicist last week, following her axing from her talk show. Further reports–including court documents filed in connection with the Wells Fargo lawsuit–have also suggested that Williams is mentally incapacitated, and may be suffering from dementia. 

Now Page Six reports that friends close to Williams say she’s missing important medical appointments, further suggesting that her condition could be worse than previously suggested.

“Wendy is missing her medical appointments down in Florida,” a longtime friend told the outlet. “People are very worried about Wendy and her wellbeing … We want to get Wendy back to New York City to get her back on track.”

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“A lot of people are concerned about Wendy right now, but it seems like things are getting worse,” another friend said. “Wendy is pissed right now. You have to understand her talk show was pretty much all she had. It was her passion, so now what?”

In light of her condition, Williams is said to receive assistance from her ex-husband Kevin Hunter, and the couple’s 21-year-old son Kevin, Jr. New reports also hint that Hunter Sr. could be the reason for Williams’ seclusion.

“I remember not having full access to Wendy when Kevin was around,” one insider told Page Six. “She had her hair and makeup and wardrobe in her office and the door was always closed and it was restricted to who could get to her.”

Another described Hunter, Sr. as a “tyrant who ruled by fear, who often kept important information from Wendy herself. He would overrule big bookings out of petty jealousy and never tell Wendy about it. Many people celebrated the day he left the set.”

Williams and Hunter divorced in 2019 after Hunter fathered a child with his mistress. Williams’ health subsequently began to decline, as she battled with addiction, lymphedema, and later, COVID-19.

Amid the turmoil, Radar Online also reports Williams has begun exploring legal action over her firing from her show. The host received a reported $15 million per year, and is said to be furious over her termination.

“She is considering legal action again her producers and is also deciding on what to do about Sherri Shepherd,” a source close to Williams said. “Wendy has been reading the news where Chris Cuomo is suing CNN for $60 million and Megyn Kelly get $60 million when she was kicked out of NBC. Knowing Wendy, she will think she can get the same amount too. This is going to get ugly.”

Brace yourselves, kids.