Will He And Famous Friends Hurt Cause?

Wentz Joins Marriage Fight

Of all this election season’s ridiculous stories, one of the most memorable must be John McCain’s ridiculous “celebrity” commercial campaign.

Hoping to diminish opponent Barack Obama‘s respectability, McCain portrayed the Senator as a tabloid idol on the same level as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. That tactic, like so many others, blew up in his face. Even Paris Hilton was making fun of him!

As sad as that may have been for McCain, the candidate had the right idea: rank-and-file Republicans aren’t too keen on Hollywood, where it’s all glittery and liberal. Stars and celebrities do not have American values, what with their headline grabbing divorces and bastard children. It’s sick!

Well, none of those people will be surprised to hear that a number of Hollywood’s elite have come out against Proposition 8, a ballot measure intent on overturning gay marriage in California.

Steven Spielberg and Brad Pitt – who has at least three illegitimate children – have both donated large sums of money to fight the measure. And now Pete Wentz – a gay-friendly singer who knocked up his girlfriend Ashley Simpson – dedicated his name and donated his dough to the good, gay fight. Though he hasn’t specified a dollar amount, the singer did describe Proposition 8 as “fucking lame,” a profanity social conservatives most likely frown upon.

With all the star power surrounding the cause, we wonder whether there will be a backlash. Will right-wing Republicans, disgusted by the liberal celebrities, donate even more money to the campaign against gay marriage? The “Yes on 8” movement has already out raised the “No” side, a trend that could continue as election day nears.

But, then again, celebrities are giving hundreds of thousands of dollars – more than John Doe down in Kansas could likely contribute. Of course, not all of the “Yes” people are struggling Americans – hotel owner Doug Manchester gave $125,000 of his own money to overturn same-sex nuptials. Meanwhile, a California man named Mel Gibson also donated. Perhaps that’s the anti-Semitic actor? If it is, he hasn’t said anything, unlike Wentz, Spielberg and Pitt.

Backlash or not, the “no” side deserves – nay, needs – more star power behind it. Right-wing wackos may not like it, but there are a lot more people like Us who respect and maybe even worship celebrities. Perhaps Wentz and others’ involvement will persuade them to love up on same-sex love? If not, we’re holding Hollywood responsible. (Famous people make such attractive scapegoats!)