Westboro Baptist Messes With New York, New York Rep. Dov Hikind Messes With Westboro Baptist

Yesterday outside a Brooklyn synagogue, the Westboro Baptist Church met New York State. Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who shoved he way toward Shirley Phelps and called her a whore before warning the clan, “Just be careful the rest of your day in Brooklyn.” So that was fun.

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  • Kev C

    You don’t mess with Dov Hikind. He will shove an icepick in your ear.

  • Eddie

    Hahaha I loved this ???. About time someone tells Shirley Phelps just what she is. She should have known better than to mess with us New Yorkers.

  • Cam

    That probably guarenteed him his next two elections. LOL

  • Eddie

    @Eddie: Those ??? are supposed to be hearts :(

  • ewe

    Don’t count on those inbreds leaving anytime soon. They would love to sue the city for lack of police protection and their right to it.

  • ewe

    Obviously there is a very fine line between protest and disorderly conduct.

  • JM

    albeit great that Dov did that – he still has a poor record when it comes to the gays – hes anti gay marriage and compared it to incest

  • Gary B.

    While taking on the Westboro Baptist church by bringing your own signs and hating them for hating us might not be productive, it is kind of funny.

    Seriously though, I love these Westboro people – every time they come on tv or the internet I smile. I mean, they’re so over the top ridiculous and extreme, that I just have to laugh. I really think that people are like that are only accelerating gay rights and all the things they’re fighting against because they make the haters look so stupid and ridiculous. I say, let ’em do their thing – no one can hurt the causes of the Westboro Baptist church more than they can.

  • CHIP1218

    Can we just get a few hundred gays and lesbians to just make out in front of them the next time they picket?

  • scott ny'er

    well, he did that because of the Jewish signs. If it was against gays I”m not sure the end result would be the same.

    It’s all good that Westboro hates so many, so we all have a common enemy. But again, would he have been as militant if they were in front of the LGBT Center.

  • Andy

    @scott ny’er: Maybe dont make assumptions and look into what his stance on gay marriage/rights is?

  • Jen

    @scott ny’er: You are correct.


    And FTR, he is anti-gay marriage.

    “After voting against a same-sex marriage bill in the New York State Assembly, Hikind noted that same-sex marriage can lead to the acceptance of incest, maintaining that, “If we authorize gay marriage in the state of New York, those who want to live and love incestuously will be five steps closer to achieving their goals as well.”[13]” -wiki


    If you had minused out any references to anything Jewish, Hikind would have been marching in solidarity with those inbred band of henious scumbags……………..

    Hikind is absolutley no friend of Gays and has been a leading voice in spewing anti-Gay rhetoric for decades in NYC

  • jason

    Democrat Dov Hikind is a homophobic pig who does not deserve our sympathy. He’s selective in his opposition to prejudice and discrimination, only lashing out when it’s anti-Jewish.

    Fuck off, Hikind.

  • DR

    1. By all reports, this guy isn’t very gay-friendly and only lost it because of the anti-Jewish signs.

    2. What he did was utterly classless. While I don’t like the message, you don’t get to assault the messenger. He’s *very* lucky the Phelps clan decided not to milk him for money for this little stunt. I’m surprised, actually. They don’t respond well to threats, and assault is never a wise move.

  • WeiWei

    That old jew should be arrested for assault.

  • Gary B.

    @CHIP1218: Can we just get a few hundred gays and lesbians to just make out in front of them the next time they picket?

    DUDE! That is awesome. Seriously, sometime when they picket an LGBT related event, someone needs to organize something like that and then invite the press. Now THAT would be hilarious watching them go out of their minds watching everyone kiss!

  • Ken S

    Oooh, connections, connections, connections. It’s nice to see people shouting down the inbred Phelpstards, but if anyone’s paying attention it’s easy to wonder if any of those orthodox types in the crowd were the same ones who were applauding Paladino’s speech against gay teachers just a week or so ago.

    The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. They can oppose the WBC and that’s great, but if they also oppose GLBT rights, also out of backwards religious fervor, then which devil shall we go with? If you want to be one of the ‘good guys’ then you have to do good– oppose bigotry in general– rather than just defend your own narrow self-interest.

  • scott ny'er

    @Andy: I’m not making assumptions. I asked a question. And as you can see by the following 4 posts, I was most likely correct. This man is NOT a friend of LGBT.

    I’m glad he went after the Westboro Baptist. But, don’t be fooled. He’s not a friend. He’s a predator that just went after another predator. Watch your LGBT backs.

  • scott ny'er

    @Andy: And maybe, you can try to be more polite to a fellow LGBT and not band with someone who hates LGBT people.

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