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What Do You Mean Live Erotic Massage Is Too Risque for NYC?


We weren’t able to stop by’s live erotic massage “exhibit” in the storefront window of NYC’s Blue Store. But apparently New York’s finest was. And they didn’t like what they saw.

Manworks director Daniel Lee says there wasn’t any nakedness or lewd-ity going on Friday night, but the NYPD didn’t care; officers who happened by the window ordered it shut down. What is this, Rudy Giuliani’s NYC?

“It was a stunning attraction, small groups of onlookers gazed in awe and delight while the masseur Gio worked on the body of a handsome fellow,” relays Manworks’ publicist. “As one cop car drove by without stopping, it seemed the window would be able go on unscathed by police disruption; however, not an hour and a half into the live demonstration did another police car arrive. One officer demanded the window be shut down. When asked “Why?” by Daniel Lee,’s director, the policeman could only vaguely claim that a permit was needed to have such a window display and for causing sidewalk obstructing attention. Pressed further, he could not exactly cite what law the window was allegedly violating. Other attempts to engage the officer in discussion was met with a curt, ‘Do you even work here? Shut this down NOW!’ Lee halted the window to get legal counsel before deciding whether or not to defy the police, who by then drove off. Why should the window have been stopped? There was no nudity, no simulated sex, nothing lewd. Does Macys’ need a permit for their Christmas windows when tourists and other onlookers jam up 34th Street? Would’s Dutch window been shut down if it were a hetero pairing? What was illegal? A man touching another man? It appears so, doesn’t it.”

Geez, can’t a dude get a public oily rub-down in this town anymore?