What To Do When You’ve Lost the Weight, But Not the Skin


Television shows like NBC’s The Biggest Loser show how it’s possible for the obese to shed pounds without surgery: by exercising regularly and watching what food goes down. But what happens when all that extra weight is lost? The show doesn’t go behind the scenes to reveal all the excess skin that’s leftover when heavy men and women, whose skin lacks elasticity, lose so much weight. There are only two solutions: Deal with the sagging leftover skin, or have it surgically removed. Guess which option this guy went with.

FORMER fatty David Smith has gone from chunk to hunk – after losing a whopping 29 stone and having more than 30lbs of excess skin removed. The 31-year-old used to tip the scales at 45 stone – the same as a brown bear or a young bison – and was dangerously close to eating himself to death. But he sought help in the nick of time from a local fitness instructor who coached him through a gruelling two year long exercise regime.

Determined David managed to slim down to a healthy 16 stone thanks to the tough training but was left with unsightly flabby skin. That meant he had to endure four separate operations in just 12 months to remove all his previous bulk. He also needed laser surgery on his eyes and some dental work to fix his teeth, which had destroyed by too much sweets and fizzy drinks.

Now the fatty turned fitty has got rid of his double chins, man boobs, and bursting gut and replaced them with bulging biceps, toned pecs and a flat stomach. As a result, he has now become a FITNESS COACH himself and bagged himself his first girlfriend. [The Sun]