Worthless things

What’s up with this creepy ‘pray the gay away’ ad popping up on LGBTQ people’s Facebook feeds?

LGBTQ Facebook users aren’t happy about being targeted by a sponsored ad urging them to abandon their gayness and convert to Christianity ASAP.

The creepy video, which runs nearly nine minutes and was produced by a Christian extremist group called Anchored North, has been making its rounds on the social media site since last week, specifically targeted users whose profiles identify themselves as LGBTQ.

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In it, a sort of cute middle-aged man talks over a soft music soundtrack about how he used to identify as gay and had a pretty fabulous life in Los Angeles–going to cool parties, attending premieres, and dating lots of cute guys. Everything was great! …Until one day he was sitting in a coffee shop and he saw a group of people reading the Bible. He struck up a conversation with them, attended their church, and–ta-dah!–just like that, he magically wasn’t gay anymore!

“I just met the king of the universe,” the man explains about his sudden transformation. “God! Jesus! … I was like ‘God, you have my whole life. This is it. It’s all yours!'”

He continues, “When I was living that gay life for many, many years, I was 100% sure that was my identity.” But, he says, now he knows “beyond a shadow of a doubt that homosexual was not who I was, that my identity was in Christ.”

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The ad concludes by telling viewers, “Even if you have found your identity in worthless things, Jesus died, and resurrected for you.”

“Worthless things?” Wha-wha-what?!

But based on some of the videos comments, most LGBTQ people don’t seem to be falling for the propaganda:

Watch the creepy video below. Or don’t.


h/t: Unicorn Booty