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What’s It Like Going Gay-For-Play In Softball?

I’m not going to tell you that gay softball is the same as straight softball, because it’s not. They weren’t all masculine gay jocks. We were among the worst teams in the league, and a few of our players were terrible. Some threw like girls and possessed a level of fabulous daintiness that would’ve made them stand out in any other league. One of the guys took dressing for the game more seriously than the game itself. Our standard-issue uniform was a simple blue baseball shirt, but our catcher showed up on opening day in a full uni—complete with stirrup socks and the tightest pair of gray baseball pants you’ve ever seen. He proceeded to go 0-for-5 in that and almost every game we played that season. But he looked fantastic doing it.

—Henry P. Belanger (pictured), a straight man who loves gay softball, who joined the league after the other teams’ waiting lists were too long [GMP]