When NOM And David Tyree Call Gay Marriage “Unnatural”, Are They Supporting Chimp Orgies?

We already knew about the HIV-resistant super monkeys, but who knew that monkeys can also provide moral guidance. Andy Cobb of Second City has a problem with people like Margaret Srivastav and David Tyree calling gay marriage “unnatural.” So let him show you what’s “natural” using our bonobo monkey ancestors as an example!

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  • Greenluv1322

    Lol. Great fucking video. (pun intended)

  • Joetx

    This is completely true. Bonobos are known as the “Make Love, Not War” apes. Male-male, female-female, & male-female sex are all rampant in bonobo society. They do “do it” all the time.

    And bonobos are our closest living relative.

  • Samwise

    Not to be pedantic, but bonobos aren’t our ancestors. Our ancestors aren’t around anymore because they evolved into us. Bonobos are more like our cousins or siblings or whatever.

  • dildoesuptheirasses

    I support chimp orgies

  • Syl

    Ah, bonobos! For them sex isn’t just reproduction, it isn’t even just romance: it’s group bonding, it’s a handshake, a high five, conflict resolution, a gift, a bartering tool, and an apology!

    “I want that X!” “I saw it first!” “I know how to solve this, we’ll fuck!” “Ok!” *later* “You know what, you can have it!” “No, you can have it!” “Naw, let’s share!” “Ok!”

    If only we were like bonobos!

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