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Which Closeted Married Gay Actor Is Braving West Hollyood Gay Bars?

BLIND ITEMS — “This actor has been under a lot of scrutiny about his sexuality. While he has been keeping a very low public profile (with the exception of a magazine cover here or there), he isn’t exactly sitting at home with the wife and kids night after night. In fact, he recently made an appearance at a WeHo gay bar with some male friends. They were swigging down drinks and cracking jokes about a certain organization to which he belongs. No, the organization is not The Hair Club for Men.” [BlindGossip]

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)

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  • Spike

    So why call this blind? Obviously J.Travolta. Curious, is there a gay in Weho that doesn’t have a cell phone with a camera? Where are the pics or video (again, what gay in Weho doesn’t have a iphone????)? Seriously.

  • Blackmattachine

    I think this kind of discussion is unbecoming.

  • Timothy Williams

    Exactly! I’m so over all these supposed spottings with no proof! Also I don’t know anyone who was there because this is the first time I’m hearing about it. Seems like it would have spread.

  • justiceontherocks

    WTF is West “Hollyood”? I htink Queeryt kneads a spel chek on its compewter.

  • Cam


    I think that being in a glass closet is unbecoming. You act as if somebody being gay is a dirty shameful secret akin to having an affair or being a criminal.

  • Soupy

    Can’t we just assume that the answer to all these blind items is John Travolta and move on?

  • bobby

    can’t we just stop posting blind items and leave people alone? every one knows John is gay. it’s no secret. lets get to some real news. or help people with issues instead of ripping people down.

  • scott ny'er

    @Spike: LOL. Actually, that’s a brilliant point. It’s one thing about bringing cameras-phones into spas but bars… I think most dudes have camera-phones in West Hollywood gay bars and would take pics.

    It makes me doubt John Travolta being gay.

  • Marcus


    Running a blind item…and an innocent one at that is “ripping people down”? Wow, you learn something new every day.


    I’m in gay bars a lot in Los Angeles, and I’ve seen celebrities there numerous times, at the time, when the music is blasting, it doesn’t always occur to you to take that picture. Plus, you don’t want that picture getting back to you, especially if you work in the industry.

  • eyesiq


    keywords people. is there someone else?

  • Benjamin

    I can’t believe anyone still doubts John Travolta is gay. JEEZ. I knew he was gay when he was on Welcome Back Kotter. Friends who worked on the show clued me in.

  • Frankiewray

    I agree with previous posters that with all the camera’s, (cell phones etc.) out there that pictures should have surfaced. Stop posting this so called blind bull%&#@.

  • Mark

    @Cam: I agree.

    I also agree with several other commenters about this being “unbecoming”. Your periodic blind items give this blog even more of a sensational tabloid rag reputation. I realize you’re not serious journalists, but give your readers, at least the majority of us, credit for being too adult for this crap.

    Besides, who gives a damn whether or not John Travolta is gay?

  • jack e jett

    the proof is in his pudding…… me some cell phone pics.

    i thought it was sweet that he named his son after me.

  • Marcus

    Well, then it’s probably best you don’t click the story.

    This isn’t a scrolling blog when every story appears. You have to click the link, and clicking the link shows interest. If 50,000 people click this link that usually says to Queerty that people like reading the Blinds, even though they complain it’s “unbecoming.”

    I see this everywhere I go online and yes, you should do whatever you feel, and everyone should be able to voice their opinion, but that’s why Perez has done so well. People complain and say they hate him, but he gets millions of hits a day and his gay outing stories did extremely well, despite the self-righteous vitriol.

    I don’t think many people care if Travolta is gay or not, but that doesn’t mean they won’t gossip about it. And if Travolta has a problem with that, then he should stay out of gay bars and saunas.

  • OrchidIslander

    @Cam: “You act as if somebody being gay is a dirty shameful secret akin to having an affair or being a criminal.”

    How in the world did you infer all of that based on Blackmattachine’s feeling, and simply statement, that this sort of discussion is unbecoming?

    Based on most of the comments, it seems he is not alone in not caring about or in a need to know about innuendo and the “blind” dirt regarding some celebrity’s life, and their personal choices.

  • Cam

    @OrchidIslander: said..

    How in the world did you infer all of that based on Blackmattachine’s feeling, and simply statement, that this sort of discussion is unbecoming?”

    Easy, just define what is unbecoming about it. If he likens it to looking in somebody’s bedroom window, then he sees somebody publicly going out to a gay bar as akin to a couple engaging in private acts behind closed doors, something that should be hidden and private. I’m saying that comparing somebody being gay to that shows that he is uncomfortable with it.


    I see Queerty is trying to funny and snarkly. What the hell kind of a “blind item” is that picture? As if any and everyone wouldn’t know that very iconic shot is of John Travolta.

  • bobby


    yeah, after like 500 stories on the same guy it gets old. leave the guy alone already.

  • Ealan75


    Spike, I totally agree and to take it a step further, it’s even more interesting that in all these years and all this (catty) gossip, not one person has managed to get even one incriminating photo or piece of video. In fact, most all of these rumors have emerged as a story or tip from “a friend in the indistry” or an “anonymous source”, “friend of a friend”, and in at least two cases, shady opportunists, with already questionable ethics, who’ve tried to use their “stories” to make a profit.

    If he’s gay, then he’s gay, whatev, its not making my world turn. But that we jump on these stories with “proof” as thin as this, says a lot about us as a community. If we want the rest of the worls to treat us better, maybe we should start treating ourselves better. Or at least better than this.

  • OrchidIslander

    @Cam: “Easy, just define what is unbecoming about it.”

    I took his unbecoming remark to mean that Queerty’s rumor mongering utilizing a not even blind and unsubstantiated rumor was not appropriate or particularly attractive. I don’t think he was referring to the individual’s sexuality or openness or lack thereof, but rather the tawdriness of Queerty to keep such drivel alive.

    I could be wrong, but I think you read way more into it than his actual intent.

  • B

    No. 18 · CONVERSATION CHAMBER wrote, “I see Queerty is trying to funny and snarkly. What the hell kind of a “blind item” is that picture? As if any and everyone wouldn’t know that very iconic shot is of John Travolta.”

    … but of course QUEERTY said, “Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.” But they show a recognizable picture anyway, and of a guy about whom rumors have been flying around.


    He is as old as me and just as fat. Leave him alone. Why don’t we focus on Anderson Cooper who is 15 yrs younger much more attractive.

  • Da Devil

    Seriously. I live in LA and frequent the bars and “other” places, and trust me, we see MANY celebs ( in and out of the closet). It is a bit of an unwritten rule to leave them alone and not take pics. Doing so is frowned upon. In the bar, they are just another person. Celeb status is left at the door. We don’t get star struck by them or we would be having fits every day.

  • Marcus

    @Da Devil:

    All true. Thank you. That’s why there were no pictures of Daniel Craig in that gay bar in Venice some months back…it’s certainly not a problem telling everyone, but a picture is considered damning here in L.A.

    Tell, but don’t photograph.

    Now when John Mayer went to those gay bars in Palm Springs there were pictures and video. He was out of the protection field, I guess, LOL and his agent was pissed off!

  • Ealan75

    “We don’t get star struck by them or we would be having fits every day”

    @Da Devel:
    This doesn’t make sense. You don’t get star struck (enough) to take pictures, but you are star struck (enough) to spread the “unsubstantiated” about them story all over town. Really??

    I don’t live near or work in the industry, so it’s not my world, but I still hope that ppl won’t be so gullible as to believe everything some stranger tells them, without some proof that they’re not just another somebody looking for attention.

  • ProfessorVP

    If Travolta didn’t belong to a queer-hating cult offering the usual “cures” for the “sickness” of homosexuality, it is pretty likely the management of Queerty wouldn’t care about him. I know I wouldn’t, and many others wouldn’t. If you don’t understand that it is Travolta’s association with Scientology that is the match that ignites all the gossip, innuendo, blind items… then you miss the point. Notice very few media outlets get on the case of, just for one example, George Clooney.

  • Alan

    When Travolta was in “Over Here” on Broadway in 1974 he was going out to gay bars with fellow cast members all the time and was very comfortable doing that.

  • ProfessorVP

    I was “over there” when he was in “Over Here” and I know that. It was no issue then. But his sexuality is an issue now. As I said, anyone who sticks to the old “nobody’s business” mantra just doesn’t get it.

  • thiago

    @Ealan75: there were pics of him kissing a dude going around tho

  • desertguy

    You all need to stop this evil cattyness about John Travolta! Can’t John just be GAY FRIENDLY? Geeze!

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