Which Comes First: Scott Lively’s Gubernatorial Campaign Or His Trial For Crimes Against Humanity?

scott-livelyProving that democracy doesn’t always have a sense of smell, Scott Lively, the leading exporter of homophobia in the U.S., has qualified to be on the November ballot as a candidate for governor in Massachusetts. Somehow, Lively collected the necessary number of signatures, suggesting that 10,000 Massachusetts residents will sign anything put in front of them.

Lively is already on the campaign trail, broadening his repertoire to sound like any other right-wing Republican. In response to a newspaper query to the candidates about the situation in Ferguson, MO, Lively complained that “Ferguson is the latest incident where equal justice has surrendered to mob rule in deference to skin-color.” At a candidate’s forum Wednesday, he attacked Obamacare as “socialized medicine.” The audience promptly booed him, underscoring that Lively’s chance of success is roughly on par with his odds of winning RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In the meantime, Lively has other issues competing for his attention. It’s just one year ago that he was ordered to stand trial for crimes against humanity because of his involvement in Uganda’s kill-the-gays legislation. The suit is in the discovery phase and Lively has failed in all of his attempts to get the suit dismissed. At some point, the trial moves forward, and instead of a candidate’s forum, Lively will find himself in the more fitting environs of a court room.


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