Which Gays Are Going to William + Kate’s Wedding?

With some 1,900 invitations going out for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, the Daily Mail gleefully reports on who’s not invited: Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson. Sorry lady! But of those 1,900 folks invited, surely there’s a couple of homos among them. Which begs the question: Who will be the Peter Jöback and Oscar Nilsso of the century’s most high profile nuptials?

UPDATE: Maybe it’ll be Gareth Thomas?

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  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    Really? The century? No one cares in the UK dude. Maybe we should send them over to you as they are a drain on our tax.


  • tallskin2

    I am with “Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)” on this

    do you yanks want to buy the useless bloody parasites from us?

    we’ll give you a good price

  • Lefty

    Loads of people care. Just no one with any brains.

  • Harbo

    I live in the U.S. but I feel your pain. Is tradition really worth it? I was in London one November and saw the Queens’s carriage ride on her way to open Parliament. What a waste.

  • Jack

    Off with their heads!!

  • JoeyO'H

    What a compelling story with no story. You go Queerty with more nonsense journalism. Pathetic!

  • Andy Patterson

    Mr. Elton John and Mr. David Furnish will likely attend.

  • Andy Patterson

    I would rather have tax dollars go to pay for the Royal Family than to pay for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention DADT….

  • Steve-O

    Tax payers only pay about £1.00 a year towards the royal family… Think its a small price to pay to keep the institution alive.

    I support and am proud of the monarchy and believe it still serves a purpose (though i’ll be the first to admit some memebers could be doing a better job at it)

    Lol withouut them we’d be the United Republic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland….Seriously who wants to say ‘I’m from the UR’

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