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While DADT ‘Struggles’ In the Senate, Australia Jumps The Line and Kills Ban On Transgender Troops

Just because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has called for a full floor vote on the Defense Department’s spending bill, which includes that DADT compromise, doesn’t mean we’re about to see soldiers marching at pride parades in uniform. There are still lots of scary hurdles to get through, like Republicans! Even those not named John McCain. And then there’s President Barack Obama! He’s got that scary veto threat if Congress doesn’t do exactly what he says about some fighter planes.

(If you’re looking for guidance from the nation’s leading Gay Inc. groups, get in line. Politico picks up the typical vague quotes from folks like Allison Herwitt, legislative director for the Human Rights Campaign: “There are certainly challenges in the legislative time left to getting the bill across the finish line. Some of the challenges are obviously extraneous to our community and to the defense bill itself.”)

And while all this is going on, Australia has managed to embarrass the United States as a bastion of 19th century thinking: Military chief Angus Houston yesterday issued an order that eliminated the armed forces’ ban on transgender troops — 18 years after Australia lifted its ban on gay soldiers, and two years after service members in same-sex couples.