Who Says Anna Nicole Smith Didn’t Enjoy Watching 2 Men Get It On?


In his never-ending quest to prove he is not A Homosexual, former Anna Nicole Smith attorney Howard K. Stern sued former MSNBC host Rita Cosby over her book’s allegations that Stern and Larry Birkhead (father of Smith’s daughter) were gay lovers. It’s a $60 million libel suit that involves dialogue about videotaped gay sex, which should make anyone erect.

Among the allegations Cosby makes in Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death about Stern’s not-so-straightness is a claim that Smith actually watched a tape of Stern and Birkhead getting it on.

That account just doesn’t fly with Judge Denny Chin, who’s hearing arguments on whether the case should be dismissed. Says Chin: “One point that I find troubling is that Anna Nicole Smith would entertain herself by watching this videotape.”

Silly Chin. Doesn’t he know that women — from the female half of Will & Grace to the gals of Sex and the City — watch gay porn for sport?

(Illustration: Pretty on the Outside)