Battling Hate

Who Will Lily Allen Tell to ‘F*ck You’ Next?

Turns out Lily Allen’s “Fuck You” isn’t just suitable for American gays, but also for the French! What’s quickly becoming a calling card to battle hate on the Internet, “Fuck You” immediately needs versions from Iraq, Singapore, and Uganda.

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  • alan brickman

    every mediocre loser is using this to promote themselves…not gay rights…

  • Geoff

    Kids these days….. I love it.

  • luvrly

    I think I need to go to France and meet the guy at 2:25!! HAHA! Yummy!!! And Lilly Allen is British, so maybe thats why. ;)

  • marcus

    I think its great that our youth have found an anthem for themselves. As simple, as tongue and cheek as the song may be its message seems to be empowering and sends great self esteem boosting message into the brains of gays who God knows have been indoctrinated with loads of negative messages. These videos are also giving our youth a fun way to express themselves using a positive message that being a gay person is fun, its cool and our faces our beautiful, so look at them!

  • Ladd

    @Alan…..get over yourself and have some fun.

  • arrcee

    I think it was funny. Love the tune.

  • sal(the original)


  • denguyfl

    Everyone of us should make our own version of this video. I am sure we all have someone we want to say fuck you to. Make that fuck you v-e-e-e-ery much, thank you.

  • schlukitz

    Way kewl

  • Tallskin

    Hah Hah, nice!

    I have to say that the French version is cuter than the American one.

  • stephen kay

    Love it. @Alan het a life mate.

  • stephen kay

    Love it @ Alan get a life mate.

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