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Whole Foods Supervisor Who Said “Only Gay People Wear Crocs” Faces Discrimination Suit


According to a lawsuit filed Wednesday, a Whole Foods employee in Boulder, Colorado feels she faced ongoing discrimination due to her sexual orientation — all at the hands of a supervisor who made fun of her clothing, her Crocs in particular.

“She told me that I looked ‘unfuckable,'” Jennifer Johnston tells CBS4. “And that only gay people wear Crocs, which I took offense to.”

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Johnston claims that when she complained to management, she was basically punished for doing so: the general manager wrote her up for playing music with “profane language,” which Johnston vehemently denies.

“It made me feel awful,” Johnston says. “I loved working for Whole Foods … it was really disappointing when I wasn’t supported back when I always supported them.”

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She says the discrimination is what ultimately led her to resign. Now, she’s requesting back pay in addition to damages.

Whole Foods Market, which is currently investigating the incident, told CB4 in a statement that “discrimination in any form is unacceptable to Whole Foods Market. We were notified of this filing and are looking into the situation.”

While we’re sorry to hear about Johnston’s woes, we’re pleased to read how Jezebel wrapped up their coverage:

“Gay people, of course, are not the only ones who wear Crocs. The monstrosities are popular among people with terrible taste in footwear of all orientations.”